October—December 2017

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Editorial – The Treasures of Darkness
The new group of world servers are the bright lights who are set against the dark backdrop of current affairs, showing the world the right way forward. They build towards a better future with a positive vision, persistence and group endeavour.

The Path and Divine Purpose – Djwhal Khul
A great creative activity involving all Ashrams – major and minor – is now being planned in the hierarchical assembly, and the work of all waiting and attentive disciples is to make that creative plan successful through its full expression upon the physical plane.

Spiritual Impression – Annette Morgan
The choice we face as individuals and as a collective is clear; do we awaken fully to the transformative possibilities that are before us, or do we continue in the state of inertia with which we have grown so familiar, trusting mindlessly in the idea that world unrest will somehow work itself out miraculously?

Responding to Shamballa – James Mills
The evocation of Sacrifice, Joy and Peace are all dependent on sensing what must be done in response to world need as it arises in any moment. This sense of immediacy of response to conditions as they are requires esoteric groups to maintain an alignment and poise which enables skilful response to need wherever it is found.

The Pillars of the Portal – Religion and Science, Part 1 – James T. Ryder
Until recently, the pillars of religion and science were unknown. In both Eastern and Western cultures, in ancient or medieval times, religion and science were considered as inner qualities or virtues of the individual. Today, they are considered doctrines, practices, and sources of knowledge.

Artist, Disciple, Esotericist – Michael Galloway
Beauty, truth, and consciousness, are in some ways synonymous and are used to express different aspects of that which lies within the realm of the soul. This realm is the source of all manifested form, for the soul is the mechanism which brings all things into incarnation.

Steps to Synthesis as a Requisite for PeaceDaniel Entin
Another task of synthesis to which we can apply ourselves is ecumenism, the bringing together of the teachings. “Some of the churches constantly pray for reunion, for a time of peace. This hope for the most spiritual, the most heartfelt unification, is not a dogma, it is a most life-affirming, benevolent principle. Such reunification can only lead to an era of peace. Upon this spirit the inner hope of all mankind unites. Is it accidental that the Messiah is said to come over a bridge?”

From the Many to the One A Student
As the forms rise and fall, as the energies wax and wane, I remain. I am not Form but Consciousness. I am not changing but permanent. I am the One that experiences the Many – I am the unifier and the watcher, the creator and the Life. I have been present all along, through long ages of chaos, learning and growing, until I can impose order on the entropy, and bend it to my Will.”

Dr Mikao Usui, a Forerunner Kiren Bhogal
In 1922 he was prompted to go to Mount Kurama and to carry out a 21-day Tendai Buddhist meditation and fast called the ‘Lotus Repentance Meditation’. At the end of it, he experienced an enlightenment or ‘satori’ that led to the development of his healing system (Reiki).

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