Work of the Hierarchy

The problem can be most simply stated. Either the spiritual Hierarchy exists, with all its potencies of love, wisdom and skill in action, or for ages humanity has suffered from hallucinations; either Christ and His group of Masters, initiates and disciples are facts in the natural processes of evolution, historically proven and known through Their spiritual activity down the ages, or people have been victims during those ages of a gigantic fraud - emanating from what and where? Either the spiritual worlds and the three worlds of human endeavour can be related, or there is nothing to past beliefs, to ancient stories of manifesting divinity and to the constantly recurring periods of divine intervention.


The outstanding and dramatic feature of hierarchical action in the present era is the preparation now under way in the Hierarchy for its return to outer plane activity. It is important, therefore, that more people know about the fact of the Hierarchy and about what sort of men the Masters of the Wisdom really are.

The Nature of the Hierarchy

The spiritual Hierarchy of the earth is the aggregate of those of humanity who have triumphed over matter, who have achieved the goal of self-mastery by the same path that individuals tread today. These spiritual Personalities have wrestled and fought for victory and mastery upon the physical plane, and struggled with the miasmas, fogs, and dangers, troubles and sorrows of everyday living. They have trodden every step of the way of suffering, have undergone every experience, have surmounted every difficulty, and have won through. Herein lies their right to serve, and the strength and reality of their relationship to a still struggling humanity. They know the quintessence of pain, and can exquisitely measure their methods to the need of the individual. They are characterised by a love which endures, which acts always for the good of the whole; by a knowledge gained through living; by experience based on the evolution of time; by a courage as a result of that experience; by a purpose which is enlightened and intelligent and adjusted to the purpose of the planetary Logos, and a dynamic will that brooks no interference to the eventual carrying out of that divine Purpose.

Thus the spiritual Hierarchy is the result of human activity, aspiration and achievement; it has been created by and of humanity. The members of the Hierarchy have achieved a complete control of the personality, or lower self. They are no longer centred in the individualised consciousness but have entered into the wider realisation of the planetary group life, which includes all stages, from that tiny sense of social responsibility of the man or woman taking the first steps upon the path of spiritual maturity, to the inclusive comprehension of the Christ Himself. Just as the varying degrees of development among human beings range all the way from the primitive tribesmen to the enlightened statesmen and humanitarian world leader, it is the broad range of capacities, abilities and vision which constitutes the Hierarchy’s comprehensive and all-inclusive capacity to serve.

Masters of the Wisdom

The senior members of the Hierarchy are the Masters of the Wisdom. Just as a Master’s degree in the academic field indicates one who has achieved proficiency, or mastery, in one particular area of human understanding, a Master of the Wisdom is one who has through self-mastery achieved mastery over the whole field of human evolution. Having done so, his understanding is no longer limited or bounded by the human kingdom but also encompasses that kingdom of pure consciousness termed the kingdom of souls, or the kingdom of God, the fifth kingdom in nature.

Because of an individual natural predisposition to certain lines of work, they each have a special contribution to make towards human progress in one of the seven major fields of world work: political, religious, educational, scientific, philosophical, psychological or economic.

The Masters are a worldwide group of executives, adept and skilled in the various fields of work in the modern world, organised into a close network of communication throughout the world, with representatives in all nations, both east and west, and working in the closest co-operation.

All large organisations are replicas of this Hierarchical pattern, reflected in a chairman of the board, board of directors, officers, committees, liaison officers between the organisation as a whole and the public.

The overall Hierarchical organisation has three major divisions: one havingresponsibility for world political progress, or government in its true sense; the second having responsibility for teaching in its three aspects, education, religion, and healing; and a third division having responsibility for all economic progress, industry, labour and capital relations, scientific discovery, finance as it pertains to all fields, intellectual culture, and the arts. This third division is the largest of the three, with many different departments of work.

The Masters of the Wisdom are far more practical and realistic than the most efficient big business executives in our modern world. They are far more potent in affecting world events than are the most powerful leaders of any nation or government in the world. They make a constant study of human affairs, watching human trends and human planning for world betterment.

With very few exceptions, which are incidental to finding personnel for their work, they have no time to deal with individuals. Until an individual is useful to them in their work, he or she cannot contact them. To be valuable to them, the individual must have achieved to some degree their point of view and sense of values.

To do this, we need to know something of what they are trying to do and why they are trying to do it. Regarding this, certain basic and important things are known and can be stated.

There is a Plan

1.They work according to plan and are known as “The Custodians of the Plan.” This Plan is for all people everywhere in the world, and works out under the impelling power of evolution itself. Local action in any one country or race is only undertaken for the benefit of the whole of humanity.

2.They work under law and never coerce or pressure humanity. Individual freedom, particularly mental freedom, is never infringed.

3.Anything which is really good for humanity as a whole is a legitimate aid to their work and fits into the fundamental purpose of the Plan itself. For example, the establishing of right human relations between races and nations and groups of every kind; the substitution of co-operation for competition in all departments of human affairs; the growth of the recognition and use of the power of goodwill.

4.The Plan is long range and from our standpoint moves slowly, but its achievement can be hastened, thus saving ages of pain, suffering and misery. Timing in relation to world events is an important factor, and the Masters have great skill in the wise utilisation of the time factor.

5.Until the Hierarchy again moves openly on the physical plane among men, they work through their disciples. The externalisation of the Hierarchy will transcend this limitation but will involve many problems, experiments and some risks.

6.The work of the Hierarchy naturally falls into specified fields of action which are determined by developing world consciousness, the increasing general intelligence and the possibility of practical effectiveness.

7.The main fields of Hierarchical enterprise are seven in number and have been listed as follows:

The three major fields of activity are religious, scientific and political. The fourth is cultural. Definite action has also been taken in three more fields, philosophical, psychological and financial.

8.The work since the fifteenth century has been carried forward by the sending out of senior disciples, qualified and trained to work in these particular fields. A number of such disciples appeared at about the same time, sometimes in different parts of the world, working separately, but producing an effect upon human consciousness. Today, all of the work is interrelated and co-ordinated into one worldwide group effort, and the senior members of this group who are responsible for the implementing of the Plan in these various fields have been called “The New Group of World Servers.”

9.The results of the work accomplished in these seven fields can be clearly seen.

a.The entire level of human intelligence has been raised and human minds made generally more active in all races everywhere. Humanity has progressed to a state where an intelligent public can discuss world problems.

b.Basic cleavages and separateness unrecognised 500 years ago are now recognised as harmful and remedies are sought.

c. World interrelation, intercommunication and economic interdependence has been achieved, thus guaranteeing ultimate world unity.

d.Progress from the old ways and ideas into the new has produced a natural division of intelligent men and women into two general and basic attitudes, the conservative and the progressive. This applies in all fields of human affairs producing clarifying comparisons which bring opportunity of choice and therefore opportunity for improvement.

e.A widespread philanthropic enterprise, utterly unknown before the year 1500, has appeared which is the practical result of the growth of the concept of the brotherhood of humanity.

10.Hierarchical work is so quietly and smoothly developed and so effectively expressive of expanding human consciousness, that when it is well advanced it appears quite natural and reasonable. In the early stages, however, generally it is radical and even revolutionary and often meets determined opposition. Because hierarchical work is always in advance of human consciousness and is seeking to lead the entire human family forward, it is always pioneering. Accepted disciples, therefore, working consciously at the Plan are spiritual pioneers and must have the courage that goes with that position, and must have the perseverance which is required to produce fundamental changes.

All works according to the Plan under the guidance of the Spiritual Hierarchy. Ignorance and greed are the main hindrances. Spiritual education cures one; goodwill in action cures the other.

The Work of Disciples

One of the important next stages in the development of hierarchical world work is the recognition which must be achieved between the senior disciples of the world so that they will naturally and successfully support and strengthen each other. Then the entire field of hierarchical enterprise can be co-ordinated externally as well as subjectively as is the case now. This has to be the result of an achievement by the disciples themselves. For this purpose, they must be given the story of the Hierarchy and its Plan and its method of work, for in the great majority of cases these disciples do not have this knowledge in their physical plane consciousness, although of course, on the inner side, they are aware of it.

Paralleling this increased co-operation of the disciples of the world, action must be taken to acquaint the intelligent men and women of goodwill in the world with these same facts in such terms that they will gladly give support to the various projects now in operation, and those soon to be inaugurated in connection with the reappearance of the Christ. A third main hindrance to the Plan is the spiritual inertia of people of goodwill.

All truly spiritual work finds its place in one of the seven fields of hierarchical action and all accepted disciples work at some aspect of one of these fields. Each disciple makes his own choice as to what spiritual work he engages in. This choice is a natural choice arising from the fitness of things and his capacity which is put into action by his soul and carried forward by the soul-infused personality.

When the working disciple on the physical plane finally accepts his job consciously, he then will proceed to study the problems involved and become intelligently effective in that field. He thus demonstrates by service that he is an accepted disciple.

Two Basic Needs

The two basic needs today are:

1.Trained workers.

2.Adequate financing.

The Hierarchy works through its disciples and co-workers in all countries, and never before have there been so many endeavouring to fit themselves for this function in the world as “Transmitters of the Plan,” and never before has there existed such a strong inner integrity and subjective relation between workers in all fields in all parts of the world. For the first time in history there is a coherent world group for the Masters to work through. But, the need for trained workers was never greater nor so widespread nor so urgent as now.

When the hierarchical worker is an advanced worker, he or she is aware of the source of guidance and co-operates consciously with the plans of the Hierarchy. Such workers gather around them lesser disciples who will work along the same lines, through community of interest and humanitarian conviction. They may be quite unconscious of any hierarchical guidance or spiritual objective, except the recognition that they love their fellow men, and this love conditions all they do and motivates their every effort. From the standpoint of the Master, they can be reached, impressed, and directed; and most definitely they are so reached.

A second basic need is for adequate financing of hierarchical work. The crux of the problem of spiritual work in the world today is a financial one. Workers need to recognise that money is the consolidation of the living energy of divinity, and that the greater the realisation and expression of love the freer will be the inflow of that which is needed to carry forward the work. It still remains for the crystallised aspect of this energy of creative intelligence, money, to be used on a large scale for the furtherance of the work of the spiritual Hierarchy. It is at this point and in connection with money that the great test of goodwill in any individual, group or nation demonstrates.

The bringing in of the kingdom of God, the preparation for the coming of the Christ and the salvaging of humanity demand courage, organisation, business acumen, psychology, and persistence. It needs trained workers and much money. It requires a hard business sense on the physical plane, a practical common sense, a cessation of the constant presentation of a beautiful future in a mythical heaven of idleness and uselessness. It calls for workers possessing long-range vision, using sensible business procedures, and carefully considered programmes.

All humanity, no matter what the place of residence, colour of skin, or religious belief, is clamouring for peace, education, justice, and economic security. All this the right use of money and a recognition of the financial responsibility of each one, based on spiritual values, would rapidly make possible. The major opportunity lies before those already handling the financial resources of the world and the mass of good, kindly people all over the world in all spheres of influence. The power of the individual is not yet truly grasped; there is a vast opportunity before all, but it requires courage, patience, and loving understanding to do the needed work.

Workers, group leaders, organisation heads, thinkers, and men and women of goodwill in all parts of the globe can share this work provided their minds are open and focused on world betterment.

A Programme of Action

Focused, determined, enlightened public opinion is the most potent force in the world. It has no equal, but has been little used. The gullibility of the average citizen, his willingness to accept what is told him if it is said loudly enough and with sufficient plausible force, is well known. Mass psychology and mob determination have been exploited down the ages, for the unthinking and emotional are easily swayed in any direction, and hitherto this has been turned to their own advantage by those who do not have the best interest of humanity at heart.

But this negative receptivity can be as easily turned to good ends as bad. A little planned direction and a wisely outlined programme with this in view can and will bring about the needed change and make a sound and intelligent public opinion one of the major factors in world reconstruction. The value of mass opinion is recognised by selfishly motivated individuals and groups as well as by enlightened workers for the common good. And it will either be bent to the selfish will of the greedy few or be educated in the principles which benefit the whole. In this educating process we can all take a constructive stand and make a major contribution.

The following important steps can be taken by individuals and groups recognising the fact of the spiritual Hierarchy and the presence of the Christ, who will aid the work of establishing the Plan:

1.Develop a sense of individual responsibility.

2.Develop the spirit of goodwill, and evoke it in others. Express real love in all relationships. Reorganise your life so as to get the utmost out of each day.

3.Study and reflect upon the many proposals made by world leaders and thinkers on world problems.

Cultivate an intelligent opinion, based on goodwill, on what you as a result of study believe should be done.

Discuss the ideas in your home, among friends, and in your various relationships. Regard such discussions as service.

Gather people together to discuss and study current problems and future needs. If only two people co-operate with you, the effort will be a means of helping change world thought.

4.Find out and study the methods, techniques, and objectives of the various groups and organisations concerned with world reconstruction. Establish helpful and friendly relations with them to the best of your ability.

Discover the men and women of goodwill in your community, and then co-operate with what they are doing. Be spiritually aggressive in this.

5.Extend your interest to many countries; try to understand the problems in those countries. Foster your contact with people in other lands by thought, prayer, and direct contact and communication.

6.Behind the world pattern stands its Originator, its Planner, its motivating Energy, its central Will, its living Creator, its God. Use prayer and meditation to reach that central Point of Life, and thus blend yourself with the sensed divine objective.

7.Begin at once to lay aside sums of money which can be spared and which can accumulate for Hierarchical work. This organised and planned saving will enable you to assume your share in the work without placing an undue burden on others. It will enable you to respond immediately to real need as it appears.

Opportunity Today

Hierarchical work is so quietly and smoothly developed and so effectively expressive of expanding human consciousness, that when it is well advanced it appears quite natural and reasonable. In the early stages, however, it is generally considered radical and even revolutionary and often meets determined opposition. Because Hierarchical work is always in advance of human consciousness and is seeking to lead the entire human family forward, it is always pioneering.

One major technique employed by the Hierarchy is a constantly applied stimulation. Of this, the effect of the sun upon all life forms is a symbol. Their problem lies in determining what means to employ to bring about the desired ends in such a way that people, organisations and nations can be keyed up and prepared to handle the new responsibilities and deal with new knowledges without undue suffering or producing those painful cleavages which accompany world changes. Every time there is a move toward fuller understanding and unity in the world, every time the lesser is merged in the greater and the part blended with the whole; every time great and universal concepts make their impact upon the minds of the masses, there is a subsequent disaster and breaking down of the form aspects of that which might prevent those concepts from becoming physical plane facts. This is the problem of the hierarchical workers: how to handle the immediate effects and to avert suffering while the wave of new spiritual realisation sweeps over the world and does its needed work.

The Masters work slowly and with deliberation, free from any sense of speed, toward their objective: but – and this is a point of immediate interest – they do have a time limit which is based on the law of cycles. There are periods of major opportunity of which the Hierarchy takes advantage and this present period is one of major opportunity.