Great Invocation and Books Distribution in Zimbabwe

A report by a co-worker in Zimbabwe

Initially in my plan l intended to hand-over the Great Invocation cards accompaned by a donation of stationery and toilet cleaning materials. We intended to hold a high profile hand-over ceremony attracting media and higher government officials. The centre where the will of God is known had a different plan. A good plan. I spend sleepless nights my head cracking as days gets closer with no money raised for the procurement of the needed materials. I asked for a miracle. After sharing the idea with a friend l was linked to the Founder of an organisation that donates books to rural schools. The Founder was impressed with the commitment of our team as former students and he pledged to donate 500 books. We settled to have those books donated together with 1500 copies of the Great Invocation cards.

That ended up beautiful and inspiring after evaluating the books donated.The value is above  $7000 compared to the initial budget of $3000 we had in mind with all costs covered by agents of goodwill. It was a great relief to the facillitators and the beneficiaries. I had to consciously set my mind open to the light. Reading books are a fortune to a rural school. During our days attending school in some cases only the teacher would be holding a book or 10 students would share one book. I remember at one point l was sent by my History teacher to a neigbouring school walking a distance of  more than 60km to borrow a textbook. The reason why l was chosen to go is because l was intelligent, the teacher felt if l miss other lessons for the day it won't affect me much compared to others.

Another interesting observation is that it is much cheaper to bring development materials to communities in need through community based groups unlike the traditional way of having many non-governmental organisations in between the distribution channel as implementing partners. Evolution of consciousness is taking place everywhere, communities now appreciate their needs and gives value to help. Volunteerism has proven to me to be a great spirit and force in bringing light to the minds of men. It has to be appreciated and l know they can build their own schools and turn the community to a better environment with help from government and development agencies.

I will create more empowering ideas and  support other co-workers' initiatives. Christ does not pass a day without sounding The Great Invocation, like a watch on the wall it should light every household.