New multilingual website based on Alice Bailey and Helena Blavatsky

The Tan Working Group (named after the Buddhist Zen Master, Tan Tzu-hsia-Ch'un,  11th / 12th century), initiated by the Unit of Service Maastricht, launched a new website in 2016. This school is based on the ideas of Alice Bailey and Helena Blavatsky and seeks connections between their information and everyday life. In particular, the Tan Academy wants to draw upon the New Psychology of Alice Bailey, containing the explanation of the Constitution of Man and Glamour, a World Problem. On the site there are a large number of short lectures that examine many kinds of glamours, and tables that map the constitution of man. There are also excursions into the realms of the visual, musical and dramatic arts. In addition, through this site one can access the books of Alice Bailey and the Secret Doctrine by Helena Blavatsky. The website is currently accessible in Dutch, English and French. A German translation is expected to be completed in the course of 2017. The website is accessible at