NEW: Esoteric Psychology II (MP3 CD) By Alice Bailey (Author)

NEW: Esoteric Psychology II (MP3 CD) By Alice Bailey (Author)

Five volumes have been written under the overall title of "A Treatise on the Seven Rays".  This sequence of books is based on the fact, the nature and the quality of the seven basic streams of energy pervading our solar system, our planet and all that lives and moves within its orbit.  Of the specialised subjects presented in these books, two volumes are concerned with esoteric psychology--the first in relation to basic energy patterns and structures; the second particularly applied to the soul and the personality of man and to the working out of the Plan for humanity.


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The second volume of Esoteric Psychology deals exhaustively with the ray qualities controlling the life, consciousness and appearance of a human being on the physical plane.  Every man in his totality is subject to the laws of evolution by which he proceeds from the One to the many and back to the One, enriched by the experience of life in form and capable of contributing the results of that experience to the larger life which pervades him. 

Because the process of evolution is one of expansion in consciousness towards the centre of the One Life, an individual becomes increasingly identified with larger and larger areas of group consciousness; with the family and community group; with the nation; with the world and with the one humanity; with the soul and the ashramic group; and ultimately with those centres of consciousness we identify as hierarchy, the planetary heart inspiring the Plan; and with Shamballa, the planetary head centre of purpose, will and intention.  This is a long process of discipleship growth and of service response to the requirements of the Plan and the needs of humanity. 

This book, therefore, includes much comment and teaching of the utmost value to the disciple in training for world service, learning to take his place within that subjectively united and organised group of disciples discussed in this volume as "the new group of world servers".  Group consciousness is a major goal for every aspirant to discipleship. 

The first part of the book dealing with the Egoic Ray, includes sections on (1) The growth of soul influence  (2) The seven laws of soul or group life  (3) The five groups of souls and  (4) Rules for inducing soul control.  While the second part on The Ray of the Personality, contains detailed teaching on  (1) The appropriation of the bodies  (2) The coordination of the personality  (3) Some problems of psychology and  (4) Diseases and problems of disciples and mystics. 

The final part of this volume on Humanity Today anchors these pervasive thoughts and energies within the world arena.  The world situation is viewed from the esoteric and Hierarchical angle and in relation to the requirements of the dawning new age of Aquarius.  A synthesis of thought and a unity of purpose must be established in the world in order to create conditions in which peace can prosper and the Christ can reappear. 

Supreme effort was made by the Hierarchy to avert the 1939 outbreak of war, and to this end stimulating and evocative energies were literally forced into human consciousness through the agency of the new group of world servers.  The requirements of the Plan for humanity were held up as the vision, without which "the people perish".  Choosing to learn the hard way, humanity is only now opening the eye of vision as the result of drastic experience. 

Disciples and world servers, therefore, face a superlative opportunity today to equip themselves for service to the Plan, to humanity and to Hierarchy, by applying the psychology of the soul to every aspect of their life environment.


Narrated by a volunteer for the Lucis Trust. This CD-ROM contains MP3 files playable on any MP3 supported device.




  DISC 1  
01 Copyright Information 00:17
  Chapter I  The Egoic Ray  
05     1. The Three Stages of Egoic Growth 01:09:08
06           a. Individualisation and the Seven Ray Types 17:40
07           b. The Rays and Initiation 10:20
      2. The Two Cycles of Egoic Appropriation  
08          a. The Points of Crisis 25:41:00
09          b. Certain Basic Premises 28:10:00
10          c. Seven Ray Methods of Appropriation 19:23
      1. The Law of Sacrifice  
11          a. The Significance of the Law of Sacrifice 22:38
12         b. The Law of Salvage or Salvation 16:05
13         c. The Relinquishing of Gain 12:32
14     2. The Law of Magnetic Impulse 16:38
      3. The Law of Service  
15         a. Some Questions on Service 41:15:00
16         b. Distinctive Methods of Ray Service 18:09
      4. The Law of Repulse  
17         a. The Law Of Repulse and Desire 25:05:00
18         b. The Law of Repulse upon the Paths of Discipleship and Initiation 07:52
19         c. The Law of Repulse and the Pilgrim on the Way of Life 03:53
20        d. The Seven directions of the Law of Repulse 21:49
     5. The Law of Group Progress  
21        a. The Link of the World Groups 17:45
22        b. The Characteristics of the New Groups 11:02
23         c. The Experimental Nature of the Groups 12:25
24        d. Astrology and the New Groups 09:11
25        6. The Law of Expansive Response 02:51
26        7. The Law of the Lower Four 02:00
27       III. THE FIVE GROUPS OF SOULS 24:33:00
28      1. The Aim of These Rules 12:23
       2. The Seven Rules  
29          a. The Tendency to Synthesis 34:10:00
30          b. The Quality of the Hidden Vision 08:30
31          c. The Urge n Formulate a Plan 10:23
32          d. The Urge to Creative Life 10:23
33          e. The Factor of Analysis 07:55
34          f. The Quality Innate in Man to Idealise 02:13
35          g. The Interplay of the Great Dualities 01:46
  II. The Ray of Personality  
36      Introduction 17:47
       1. The Appropriation of the Bodies  
37          a. Building and Construction of the Bodies 01:30:03
38          b. Development and Alignment of the Bodies 25:10:00
39          c. Inter-relations of the Personality Life 32:43:00
      2. The Coordination of the Personality  
40         a. Seven Techniques of Integration 01:16:09
  DISC 2  
41         b. The Techniques of Fusion and Duality 46:09:00
      3. Some Problems of Psychology  
42         Introduction 27:56:00
43         a. Problems of Cleavage 42:56:00
44         b. Problems of Integration 21:19
45         c. Problems of Stimulation – Part 1 01:11:12
46         c. Problems of Stimulation – Part 2 01:11:21
            Mental problems
           Problems arising from meditation and its result: Illumination
           Problems of guidance, dreams, and depression
       4. Diseases and Problems of Disciples and Mystics  
47          a. Problems Arising Out or the Awakening and Stimulation of the Centres 01:07:59
48          b. Unfoldment of the Psychic Powers – Part 1 01:02:55
49          b. Unfoldment of the Psychic Powers – Part 2 57:28:00
            Problem of the Development of the Mystical Vision  
            Revelation of Light and Power and Attendant Difficulties  
50           c. Diseases Connected with Group Conditions 14:36
                Diseases and Problems Evoked by Directed Group Thought  
                Respirational Diseases of Mystics  
51           d. Problems of Mystics Connected with Present Ray Influences 07:51
  III. Humanity Today  
52       1. The World Situation 42:41:00
        2. The New Group of World Servers  
53           a. Objectives and Ideals 20:37
54           b. Immediate Lines of Activity and Techniques 17:18
55           c. Functions of the
              New Group of World Servers
56          d. Rules of Procedure 07:59
57          e. The World Servers and the May Full Moon 34:05:00
       3. The Great Approaches  
58          a. The Soul of Humanity 22:26
59          b. The Precipitation of the Crisis 25:55:00
60          c. Stepping Down of Hierarchical Methods 14:35
61          d. Urgency of the Need and How to Meet It 22:02
62          e. Immediate Plan of the Hierarchy 13:53




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NEW: Esoteric Psychology II (MP3 CD)

Length: 24 hours.


ISBN-13: 978-0-853-30219-3