Electric Tension and Sacred Space - Part 2

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Robe of the Waters


Обои вода, лучи
света, дуги



Having presented an overview of electric tension and sacred space, this needs to be linked to the other themes of the Electric Bridge, first and foremost The Cosmic Bloodstream. Here, correspondences were drawn between the interstellar ether and water, noting that the ether is water in its primordial state; and in both cases, electromagnetic tension is at play based on the sacred geometry of the hexagon.


The human body is around two thirds water by volume. As water makes up 90 percent of the blood plasma as well as surrounding all the DNA and protein chains in the body, water is the foundation of the human organism. In fact, the water molecule accounts for 99 per cent of all molecules in the human body.


In the Dictionary of the Sacred Language of all Scriptures and Myths, there is a symbol called ‘The Robe of the Waters’ that represents the vesture of Wisdom enwrapping the liberated Self…The Self is seen to be as a centre wherein all the rays of the Divine Life are focused into one Supernal Light, and about the Divine nature is the garment…of Truth [represented by] water.”

As well as being a beautiful image, this symbol also conveys the reality that while the life of an organism is found at the centre of the form, on the outside is a ‘garment of truth’ – a robe of ether that builds, sustains and informs the manifestation in conformity with its part in the Divine Plan. This robe is made of two fabrics – ether and water, the former interpenetrating the latter which then supplies information to all the cells of the body.



The research of Gerald Pollack, Professor of Bio-Engineering at Washington University, is instrumental in showing how this is so. He and his research team have conducted many experiments on water in order to investigate its high surface tension. Hitherto it was thought that there were a couple of molecular levels of static charge at the water’s surface but it has always seemed insufficient to create such surface tension that artefacts as heavy as coins can be floated upon it, or creatures such as the aptly named Jesus lizard can walk across it (albeit rather quickly).



Now though, experiments have shown that at its surface, water assumes a fourth state. While the other states are the familiar ice, water and vapour, this fourth state has the quality of a liquid crystal. It is a gel like structure and not just a couple of molecular layers thick but something far more extensive, in the order of two or three million layers. This water is a viscous substance that has an ordered structure and carries negative electric charge. Its energy and ordering capacity comes from various light sources such as the sun and the infrared light that is all around us. But what is of particular interest is that this water absorbs light at 270 nanometres.

This wave length is the ultraviolet part of the spectrum – ultraviolet light being the bridge of communication between visible light and the invisible light of the etheric levels of the physical plane out of which the energy bodies of all living forms are constructed. Information from the etheric body is transmitted through a bridge of ultraviolet light straight into the water that surrounds every cell of the physical body. It is here that the true source of information behind the genetic code and DNA is likely to be found.



The way that water holds this information is through a state of electrical tension based on the geometry of the hexagon. Because this fourth state of water is a liquid crystal, it acts as a semi-conductor. It can hold information through its hexagonal ring like structures – such structures being known to be associated with the absorption of ultraviolet light at around 270 nanometres.

Gerald Pollack discovered that this fourth state of water is formed out of sheets of these hexagons layered on top of one another like a honeycomb. Furthermore, the angle of each sheet shifts sixty degrees and as the layers of hexagons stack up, they create a helical structure forming a perfect robe to surround every molecule of DNA and RNA in the body.


Exclusion Zone Right Shift

Exclusion Zone Helix


It is here that the secret of the memory of water that has intrigued recent investigators like Jacques Beneviste is to be found as well as the transfer of thought energy to water as evidenced in the experiments of Dr. Masaru Emoto. Thought energy precipitating through the ethers would naturally continue on down into water, for as we have discussed elsewhere on the Electric Bridge pages, when you look at water – that transparent, tasteless, odourless adaptable liquid with all its remarkable qualities – you are looking directly at the ether in its densest form.


Because water makes up ninety percent of blood plasma, and much of it is in this fourth phase of an electrically charged, liquid crystal, we may find some scientific evidence here that it is electrical action which is chiefly responsible for the blood’s circulation rather than the heart. The heart is not a pump forcing inert blood to move with pressure but the blood is propelled with its own biological momentum, and boosts itself with “induced momenta” from the heart.1 Back in 1932, Bremer of Harvard filmed the blood circulating in spiralling streams in a very young embryo – before the heart was functioning! However he was so impressed with the spiralling blood flow pattern that he ignored the larger implications – that the blood has its own inherent momentum – the heart serving to boost this with spiralling impulses.2  The research of Russian scientists shows that “the heart would need 106 times the pressure to work as a pump”.  Gerald Pollack’s research suggests that infrared energy radiating into the blood from the environment helps drive the bloodstream.  And this research is moving in the right direction, although in the view of esoteric science, the energy source is mainly from etheric levels.

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