The Cosmic Bloodstream, Part 4

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The Recording Ability of the Bloodstream

As explored in Part 3, the blood is the means through which the will and desire of a human being are carried into active expression on the physical plane. And when will and desire are spiritualized into aspiration and service to one’s fellow man, the blood is significantly energized and transformed. Indeed, it is through the blood that the great process of redemption, human and planetary, is accelerated to a marked degree.

Part 2 discussed how human blood originates in the vesture of the soul on its own plane in which it circulates as a stream of unevolved life-atoms. Through ‘electrical precipitation’, these life-atoms pass down into each of man’s subtle bodies, circulating in each before finally oozing out of every cell of the various organs of the physical body as drops of electric fluid. Blood is therefore the precipitated life substance of the soul – an electric current that provides the interface between the inner and outer worlds. For as the blood takes on oxygen from the air breathed into the lungs, the subjective and objective worlds meet and interact. And it is at this juncture that a redemptive process occurs.

Oxygen in its higher state is a major constituent of the ether [see Part 3] and the ether therefore naturally saturates the air that we breathe. Furthermore, the ether is a recording agent and just as it carries impressions of its surroundings to the film in a camera, so too does it carry them into the lungs to be impressed on the human blood. Fused with these impressions is an account of the person’s psychological condition picked up as the ether/oxygen passes through the aura. The way that the incarnated human soul interacts with the objective world is therefore recorded on the electric fluid of the blood – and this initiates an alchemical reaction. The red corpuscles are electrically stimulated to the point that, in the region of the heart, a number of them are broken up and escape back into the ether. Rising up towards the brain and pineal gland in this etheric condition, these life atoms retrace their journey back through the subjective bodies towards the soul, carrying information of the experiences undergone like tiny magnetic storage discs that we associate with computer technology.

A portion of the life atoms of the soul’s vesture are now a little more evolved, the experience gained ready to be built into it as quality and capacity, just as human blood builds and qualifies the human body. Thus do the spiritual and physical vehicles of man evolve together via an electric bridge, each reflecting the other more faithfully in terms of quality and capacity as evolution proceeds.

The recording ability of the blood – its capacity to carry information – may be scientifically confirmed sooner than we think. For blood plasma is 90 per cent water and, as some scientists already acknowledge, water has memory.

The memory of water arises from its association with the ether, both of which are constituted of hydrogen and oxygen in different vibratory states as noted in Part 3. The recording nature of the ether is therefore naturally reflected in its lower counterpart – water. It was Jacques Benveniste who first proposed that water is capable of retaining a "memory" of substances once dissolved in it in order to explain the purported therapeutic powers of homeopathic remedies. These remedies are prepared by diluting solutions to such a high degree that no trace of the original substance remains in each final preparation. Interestingly, violent shaking of the water at each stage of a serial dilution is deemed necessary for an effect to occur. This may be due to the resulting vitalization of some of the hydrogen and oxygen to the point of etherisation; the memory or information contained in the water thereby being raised into the etheric state where it gains potency. The power of homeopathic remedies may be greater, not because there is less of the remedy in the water, but because it has had its vibration raised into the etheric state – the source of power. The role of the homeopath himself may also be a factor in the preparation of these remedies through the interplay of his own etheric body with the surrounding ether.

Because of its association with the ether, the memory of water can be electromagnetically transferred from one location to another as Jacques Benveniste discovered: "In our lab, this research has now reached a point way beyond the ‘memory of water.’ We have, we believe, unveiled the hitherto neglected physical nature of the molecular signal, which consists of waves in the kilohertz range, which we have recorded on computers, and sent to any destination of our choice via the Internet network." 1

There is currently a growing amount of research into the electronic memory of water such as that carried out by Dr. Lee Lorenzen. His work appears to demonstrate that beneficial information/frequencies can be electrically imprinted into clusters of water molecules which then have a positive influence on metabolic processes. 2 Research is also taking place into subtle energy effects on water from conventional as well as non-conventional electromagnetic radiation emanating from sources such as human brainwaves, cell phones, microwave ovens, earth’s electromagnetic field as well as planets and stars. This is a controversial area of investigation on the fringe of mainstream science, but nevertheless interesting to monitor from the Electric Bridge perspective.

One of the most intriguing is the purported effect of human thoughts and emotions on water as demonstrated by Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist and author who has exposed water in glasses to different words, pictures, or music, and then frozen the water and examined the aesthetics of the resulting crystals with microscopic photography. Dr Emoto claims that the resulting water crystals will be beautiful or ugly depending upon whether the words or thoughts were positive or negative.

If corroborated by mainstream science, this would be a powerful testimony to a Plan of love and light based on divine geometry. Its immediate effect is to serve as a reminder of the responsibility we have for our thoughts. Through the practice of self-forgetfulness, harmlessness and right speech, a redemptive geometrizing power obtains unimpeded access to the watery nature of the bloodstream; thus is created "a vessel meet for the Master's use". As we are often reminded by the Tibetan, "The blood is the life", and through it the living Christ steadily reveals Himself and pours His blessing on the world.

Water crystal from water exposed to the words "LOVE AND GRATITUDE"3

When the current research into the memory of water is examined in the light of the Ageless Wisdom teachings, we are reminded of the great occult maxim "As Above So Below". For related to the memory of water and the bloodstream is the whole memory of nature, referred to in esoteric teachings as the akashic records. This is the functional and psychological record of earth’s evolutionary history including that of all lives upon it. The location of these records seems ambiguous in many esoteric texts and is oft misinterpreted, possibly because they have more than one location. The memory of nature is impressed upon the substance of âkâsha – the ethereal "waters of space" – the highest and purest spirit-substance or ether of each of the subjective planes or worlds. At these levels, the atomic lives that reside there are of such a caliber that they can also be used by the spiritual man as so-called "permanent atoms", having the capacity to store all of the experiences/knowledge acquired in the chain of worlds into which he periodically incarnates.

In summary, the workings of the cosmic bloodstream rests upon the ether>water relationship discussed in Part 3, and the way in which the great electrical life, Fohat, works through it. A beautiful symbol of this relationship can be seen in the mysterious phenomenon of floating water bridges that can be induced by an electric current. Just as electricity can activate water into forming bridges on the physical plane, so too can it form electric bridges in the aether, the higher counterpart of water. Channels of communication are thereby formed between the various planes of the solar system for the mutual exchange of redemptive information.



Electric Water Bridges.

When high voltage is applied to distilled water filled into two glass beakers which are in contact, a stable water connection forms spontaneously, giving the impression of a floating water bridge. Video footage at: ,


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