The Cosmic Bloodstream - Part 5

  Continued from part 4

Spiritual Organisms

At the beginning of the twentieth century, mainstream science abandoned the concept of the ether as predicted by H.P. Blavatsky, who, in 1888, warned that scientists could not discard it ‘without incurring the risk. . . of pulling down the pillars of the Temple of Science, and getting buried under its roof’.1
The reinstatement of the ether is highly necessary for theoretical physics to emerge from this condition, as its vision and understanding of the universe is obscured more than ever by abstract mathematical models rooted in general relativity and warped space-time. In contrast, the concept of the ether is a simplifying, synthesizing factor, which points towards a living universe whose electric forces circulate throughout the whole as a cosmic bloodstream. All that live and move and have their being within this stream – from Gods to atoms – are ‘ideas in motion’, organizing and building matter into temporary forms through which they can objectively express themselves.

As Above, So Below: From Macrocosm to microcosm, similarities abound. Left image: Wolf-Rayet star in Sagittarius. Centre image: Veil nebula. Right image: Darkfield, Phase Contrast and Brightfield Microscopy on samples of Live and Dry Blood Cells.
Organisms? Left image: supernovae SN 1987A. Right image: Electronic jellyfish (e-jelly) constructed of a ring of blue Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs).

The esotericist regards himself as a constructive cell in the divine circulatory flow. Through occult meditation and the creation of thought forms of light and love, his own physical blood is electrically energized within the greater Logoic bloodstream, and the process of redemption – individual and planetary – accelerated. This is all the more potent when a group of people comes together in meditation united by a shared vision. Ideas and qualities of a similar vibratory frequency precipitate from the group soul and literally circulate throughout the blood of each member. A process of group redemption thus occurs similar to that described in relation to the individual in Part 4.

Some of the atomic fire of physical plane matter – an aspect of the kundalini force – enters the bloodstream of the group through the breath of each member and mixes with the qualities and ideas that are impressed upon the blood from the inner planes. Some of the blood is thus transmuted and in its etherized state, rises towards the group soul infused with the fiery essence of redeemed atomic matter. The circulation of group energy proceeds and where the synthesizing power of vision is strong enough, the group persists as a permanent subjective entity. United by shared qualities, the group is synthesized into an organism, each member becoming a blood brother in the higher sense of the term.

This demonstrates the magical, life-giving properties that lie behind some seemingly innocuous mantrams. The following affirmation used dynamically at the time of the zodiacal festivals has the power to unite and transform a group of people into a working, redemptive organism within the cosmic bloodstream:

" I am one with my group brothers and all that I have is theirs.
May the love which is in my soul pour forth to them
May the strength which is in me lift and aid them
May the thoughts which my soul creates, reach and encourage them".

The electrical power of such a mantram literally courses through the arteries and veins of the group organism, mixing with the fire of oxygen/ether taken in from the surrounding air. The nuclei of some of the red corpuscles disintegrate and rise towards the group soul, preparing the group organism for the second stage of meditation – the projection of the antahkarana towards the Hierarchy and from there, on to the centre where the Will of God is known – Shamballa. An electric bridge is thus erected between heaven and earth. Spiritual information can now be transmitted and received through the planetary ethers. The role of an esoteric group is then to work with this spiritual information to release enriching potencies into the divine circulatory flow on the lowest levels of Logoic manifestation. This is esoteric science as practiced by the initiate – the application and transmission of the electric forces of the seven rays of life into the world.

As noted in Part 1 of the Cosmic Bloodstream: the electrical nature of the human being is being steadily uncovered by science – and the way in which the human being is electrically connected to his environment is on the verge of recognition. With each discovery of the amazing electrical constitution and interaction of all manifested life, what currently seems as magic, mystery and myth, will be included in the domain of orthodox science in the not-so-distant future. It is then but a logical step forward to consider how man can consciously participate in the redemption of matter through what he transmits into the circulatory system of the Logos.

Living cells? Left image: Galaxy cluster. Centre image: Jellyfish swarm. Right image: Blood cells.


1. The Secret Doctrine, 1:331, p. 587. H.P. Blavatsky

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