Letting In The Light

Spiritual philosophy teaches that “the great theme of LIGHT underlies our entire planetary purpose.” Such is the allure and majesty of light — spiritual and physical — that it has attracted the attention of thinkers in philosophy, the arts, science, religion and the like for countless aeons. In the last hundred years or so, remarkable developments in science have opened up new vistas of research and discovery. Artificial light illumines our cities, towns, villages and thoroughfares. The use of light-based technologies—gamma rays, x-rays and ultraviolet rays—in particular are used in the field of medicine. And, with the resources, skills and incisive focus of the scientific establishment who can say what the years ahead will unfold in the exploration of light and light-based technologies in the noble pursuit of human welfare?

There is the contribution of great artists, too, who through their works of art, have demonstrated the power and significance of light and colour in evoking a sense of awe and wonder of the natural world. Indeed,William Turner, the great British landscape artist known as the ‘painter of light’ found inspiration in the writings of Goethe, especially in his book, the Theory of Colours. Such was Turner’s fascination with light that his final words before departing this earth were reputed to have been “the sun is God”.

The physical light of the sun, 93 million miles away, sustains all life upon earth in a myriad of ways. Its prophylactic rays (of light and heat) vitalise the physical-etheric form which are indispensable in maintaining health and well-being. Its presence, too, draws tiny seeds through the darkness of matter into the full light of day to display their effulgent offerings. On a higher turn of the spiral, the light of the inner spiritual sun eternally shines, ever seeking to reveal its pearls of wisdom and the glory of Deity that underlies the manifested worlds.

In the esoteric sciences, light, it is suggested, is an effect of the impulse of Life itself. What this means, in essence, is almost impossible to fathom. Nonetheless, spiritual philosophy goes on to say that when life and form (spirit and matter) are brought together light appears. In like measure, the loosing of the Shamballa energy (embodying the energy of Life) over the last few decades, and its direct interaction with the human family, is bringing about an intensification of light that is revealing, as never before, the momentous underlying spiritual, psychological and structural challenges that confront us all today. These revelations are working out in and through consciousness, the domain of human life and experience.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to suggest that humanity is awakening from its long slumber in darkness. A light dawns that is illuminating human thinking and dispelling the ever present shadows of separateness and division. The light of consciousness is revealing the grandeur of the impending and progressive ideas that are working their way through into the outer world and awaiting anchorage. So, let us work hard to ensure that light perpetually penetrates the weary vales of earth and carries in its wake the transformative power of goodwill.