Triangles pins and cards




We are pleased to announce a new Triangles pin and 'business card'. The purpose of the pin is to help stimulate interest in the work of Triangles and thereby aid in the establishing of Triangles. The network expands through the active participation of Triangles members everywhere and we hope the pin will facilitate this. the pin is 3/4" (approximately 19mm) in diameter and made from stainless steel.

To accompany the pin we are also offering a simple “business card” that could be given to anyone who expresses a resonance with the work. The small card gives a short introduction to the Triangles work on one side, and the adapted version of The Great Invocation is printed on the reverse side.

Please contact Triangles Headquarters for further information or you can order online:

Pin: To order the pin online

Card: To order the card online

The pins and cards are offered at no charge. Donations are gratefully accepted.