Energy Direction and Service

The service activities of the Lucis Trust are based upon the essential truth that energy follows thought. And although this is a simple truth it has far-reaching implications. In connection with the physical body the fact that energy follows thought is fairly apparent – thinking generates electrochemical activity in the brain and this is transmitted to the rest of the body in the form of signals and commands. The body then generates and expresses energy through activities of some kind. These correspond to the power of the will and the quality of desire that have conditioned the thinking.

But energy follows thought in a subtler way too – on the level of thought itself. All of our thinking is radiatory to some extent and transmitted across the planetary ethers like a radio signal. According to the nature of our thoughts – their strength and intention – so do they have an influence for good or bad on those minds that are receptive to the frequency at which they are broadcast.  Learning to think clearly and project thought for the common good can therefore be a potent form of service in helping to usher in that more enlightened age of love and sharing that we all long to see.

However, it’s not easy to hold onto such a spiritual vision when conflicts and acts of terrorism still take place in the world, and when materialistic ideologies condition international affairs. How can the vision of the ‘One Humanity’ be sustained amid the physical and psychic pollution of our times, where misuse of social media, and an excessive sexual focus are having such damaging effects; and where science and philosophy are fragmented by a reductive rationalism that cannot see “the wood for the trees?”

To make sense of these confusing times we can bear in mind the many changes taking place on the inner side of life all of which cause temporary upheaval. These were expounded on throughout the Alice Bailey books: most significantly, reference is made to a powerful line of descending energy which had its origin outside our planetary life altogether. It involved great lives whose power passed through the human kingdom right down into the lower kingdoms of nature, and was the cause of many dramatic changes – for it “swung into immediate conflict the past and the future.”  These energies reached their lowest point of descent anchoring “new inspirations” and new “seeds of hope” on which the future depended. Their point of ascension then began, producing transmutation and abstraction. [The Rays and the Initiations pp 12-15] Read more here.

Since the time of the Alice Bailey books, the world has been changing at breakneck speed and we are witnessing mass movements towards liberation and human rights as this line of liberating energy draws humanity towards an understanding of the principles and values that must come to permeate the world community. Humanity is on a fast learning curve, and the planetary tension created by this abstracting stream of energy is still evoking obstructing forces resulting in human atrocities of the grossest kind.

What then can the spiritually minded person training in meditation as a form of service to the planetary life do? The role of spiritual groups and individual thinkers in these times is not to focus power specifically on an area of planetary crisis as this may even feed the conflict, but rather to work with established pathways of planetary energy in a more general manner to strengthen the effectiveness of light and goodwill wherever it is found.  This involves an alignment with the Divine Plan for our planet and the direction of associated energies through, for example, “physical plane areas or localities which constitute the present modern exits for energies, through which directed energies can pass to carry out the creative process.” The planetary outlets in this current cycle are, New York, London, Geneva, Darjeeling and Tokyo. As the Divine Plan unfolds, “at each one of these centres one of the Masters of the Wisdom will be found present, with His Ashram, and a vortex of spiritual forces will there be organised to hasten and materialise the plans of the Christ for the new and coming world cycle.” [The Externalization of the Hierarchy p. 675]  Read more here.

It is significant that the work of Triangles is helping to awaken these planetary centres to greater activity. "The concentrated meditative activity of the people engaged in the Triangle activities will magnetically draw out that which must appear when a centre is organised. They are in fact creating the needed atmosphere, and that is ever a preliminary step. Once the atmosphere or the air in which to breathe and move is existent, then the living form can appear.” [The Externalization of the Hierarchy p. 678]  Read more here

Another dynamic form of service is the direction of the energy of the will-to-good through World Goodwill’s Cycle of Conferences project. This is a worldwide meditation group that joins together in a visualisation to help spiritually enlighten the atmosphere on which world conferences vital to humanity’s spiritual progress depend. Our latest focus has been on the recent United Nations Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul – a summary of which can be read on the World Goodwill at the UN Blog.

These reflections help us to recognise the efficacy of group meditation and the power of our service on subjective levels remembering that "faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen". This does not arise through direct and reflex emotive response to distressing planetary events, but stems from spiritual detachment and a steadfast alignment with energy flows “generated by the Spiritual Hierarchy, under the inspiration of the divine Purpose and directed towards the carrying out of the Divine Plan.”