Holding on to the Vision

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In line with the spiritual law – energy follows thought – how can we best use the energy of our thinking to usher in a more enlightened age of love and sharing that we all long to see?  Holding onto the vision requires much spiritual stamina when wars and terrorism still take place in the world and materialistic ideologies condition international affairs. How can the vision be sustained in a world of physical and psychic pollution, where crime and corruption still reign, and science and philosophy are fragmented by a reductive rationalism that cannot see the wood for the trees?

To make sense of these confusing times we can bear in mind the many changes taking place on the inner side of life all of which cause temporary upheaval. These have been expounded throughout the Alice Bailey writings: most significantly, in 1942, reference was made to a powerful line of descending energy which had its origin outside our planetary life altogether. It included such high beings that even in Shamballa “the life aspect was almost violently stimulated through their action.” This line of energy passed through the human kingdom right down into the subhuman realms, and was the cause of the dramatic changes from which mankind was suffering at that time – for it swung into immediate conflict the past and the future. At the time of writing these energies had reached their lowest point of descent anchoring new inspirations and new seeds of hope on which the future depended. Their point of ascension had begun, producing transmutation and abstraction.  Ref: The Rays and the Initiations, p. 335

Since that time the world has been changing at breakneck speed and still, seven decades on, we are witnessing mass movements towards liberation and human rights as this line of energy draws humanity towards an understanding of the principles and values that must come to permeate the world community. Humanity is on a fast learning curve, and the planetary tension created by this abstracting stream of energy is still evoking obstructing forces and there are consequently two competing visions of the future – one based on international unity and sharing, and one based on national selfishness and avarice.

The role of group service meditation is not to focus its power specifically on an area of planetary crisis as this may even feed the conflict, but rather to work with established pathways of planetary energy in a more general manner to strengthen the effectiveness of light and goodwill wherever it is found.  This involves an alignment with the underlying evolutionary Purpose directed from Shamballa, amplified by the Hierarchy and dispersed through the points through which the energy of a planetary centre is directed in the service of humanity at this particular time. In this current cycle, these exit points are New York, London, Geneva, Darjeeling and Tokyo. At each one of these outlets “one of the Masters will be found present, with His Ashram, and a vortex of spiritual forces will there be organised to hasten and materialise the plans of the Christ for the new and coming world cycle.” The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, p. 675

It is significant that the work in the Tokyo centre will be brought into being through the service activity of Triangles – not that it will be a centre of the Triangles work, but that "the concentrated meditative activity of the people engaged in the Triangle activities will magnetically draw out that which must appear when a centre is organised. They are in fact creating the needed atmosphere, and that is ever a preliminary step. Once the atmosphere or the air in which to breathe and move is existent, then the living form can appear.” Ibid, p. 678

These references help us to recognise the efficacy of group work and the power of group service on subjective levels remembering that "faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen". This service does not arise from an emotional response to distressing planetary events, but stems from spiritual detachment and a steadfast alignment with energy flows “generated by the Hierarchy, under the inspiration of the divine Purpose and directed towards the carrying out of the Plan.”  Discipleship in the New Age Vol II p. 371


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