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January 17-20 2017

Dear Co-workers,


The Cycle of Conferences is placing a focus, beginning today, on the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, 17-20 January 2017, in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland. The theme of the meeting this year is Responsive and Responsible Leadership.


The question of the true nature of leadership is very much in the air, as the seismic political events of 2016 continue to produce after-shocks. Are the answers and formulas of the twentieth century showing signs of strain and breakdown? Populist leaders calling for a return to past traditions and ways of life are dominating the news. At the same time new leaders, centered in understandings of interdependence, empowerment and participatory democracy are emerging in every field of life. Courses and trainings abound in such fields as collaborative leadership, servant leadership, visionary leadership, intuitive leadership, etc..


Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum, states that one of the key challenges for leaders is that of “identity formation”, and proposes that leaders must be able “…to restore people’s trust in institutions and in one another.” Trust, a coherent sense of identity, a meaningful vision of the future – all are at root spiritual issues, and the leaders who genuinely engage with these issues, rather than simply seeking technocratic ‘quick fixes’, are the ones who inspire a sense of direction and purpose.


Direction and purpose are two of the fundamental qualities that we aspire to radiate into human consciousness through the sounding of The Great Invocation at the close of the Cycle of Conferences visualisation. The third stanza of the invocation addresses this matter of leadership explicitly in the words “Let purpose guide the little wills of men, the purpose which the Masters know and serve”.


“The Masters” refers to those enlightened souls or Masters of the Wisdom who work behind the scenes in all departments of human activity, including business and finance. “The general method employed [by the Masters] is one of inspiration and of the presentation of moments of crisis.  These moments offer opportunity for the activity of some disciple, and thus the learning of a needed lesson by the groups or nations implicated becomes possible.”


It is surely the case that there will be a number of illumined members of the group of world servers at the World Economic Forum. And through the inspiration they receive from the watching Hierarchy they will be able, in turn, to inspire others at the Forum  to become responsible leaders, furthering principles of the Plan and enhancing the wellbeing of all.


With these thoughts in mind we look forward to working together to empower such a process at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting. Our focus begins now, and continues until the final day of the Meeting on the 20th of January.



Headquarters Group


Cycle of Conferences



"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." - John Quincy Adams


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