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The World Goodwill Seminar is held in London, Geneva and New York at the lower interlude of the spiritual year  - usually in late October or early November. The intention of the meeting is to help build a thought-form to ground the energies contacted at the three spiritual Festivals.

Servers from many different fields are invited to connect their work with the overall theme. Themes from the past few years include:



Download booklet of quotations on the theme of the Seminar.

From the Unreal to the Real
Discerning Truth in Our Times

Events in three locations
Talks, Meditation, Discussion, Small Group Sessions
Exploring how we may discern some of the deeper truths underpinning the human condition and  our spiritual evolution during this turbulent world period.
Palais des Nations
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The Amba Hotel
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New York
3 West Club
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Cercle d’Orientation Cayla
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