2017 World Goodwill Seminar, UNO, Geneva

Transcripts of the talks


The Sustainable Development Goals
in the Light of Right Human Relations:
Discerning Truth in the Information Age


Friday 17 November 2017
Palais des Nations** – Geneva

An afternoon of reflection and discussion on the theme of the role right human relations and good will can play in the challenges, which not only the United Nations but also affiliated NGOs and humanity itself are facing when trying to implement the 2030 agenda or the Sustainable Development Goals.

Right Human Relations and the SDGs – the fundamental role of Good Will


Mintze van der Velde –World Good Will – Geneva

What is the Role of Science in our Society?

Dr. Jim Ryder – served as Vice President of Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company and head of the Advanced Technology Center.

Lifestyle as Medicine for Good Health and Wellbeing

Dr. Albert van der Velde – Integral GP in the Netherlands and Co-founder and Board Member of "Voeding Leeft".


Truth is always the next step


Patrice Brasseur – founder of the psychosophie : a cross road of philosophy, spirituality and psychology



*) For security reasons registration through the office of the United Nations is compulsory.
Registration CLOSED by the site of the UN.
If you need help, click here for a short PDF help guide: .

**) Optional guided tour of the Palais des Nations from 12:00-13:30.
Take 30-45 minutes to enter at the gate : Pregny.

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