2017 World Goodwill Seminar - Geneva

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World Good Will Seminar 2017
From the Unreal to the Real

Friday 17 – Saturday 18 November 2017

Program Saturday 18 November 

at Cercle d’Orientation Cayla*, Geneva
10:00-12:00 and 

A day of talks, discussions and meditations – simultaneously in London, New York and Geneva –
on the theme of From the Unreal to the Real.
Man has to gradually learn to distinguish between the truth and the truths, between knowledge and wisdom,
between reality and illusion. How to embrace what seems right and reject what seems wrong?
Through the development of the intuition an infallible instrument
will be acquired with which to discriminate and to discern.
"Discerning Truth in the Information Age"
is the topic of this Saturday’s Seminar..


Discerning Truth in the Information Age : Fostering Right Human Relations

Vincent Claessens –World Good Will – Geneva

The Role of the Media in Discerning Truth: Media and Information Literacy as a tool for Right Human Relations

Gabriel Jaraba – professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. UNESCO Global Chair on Media Literacy and Intercultural Dialogue.

"And the Truth Shall Set You Free": Finding Clarity in a Complex World


Alexandra Ratcliffe – Teacher, freelance writer; blogs for the Huffington Post.

Right Human Relations in Environmental Issues

Cécile Sorbier – Environment Director Femmes Internationales Murs Brisés

*) The “Cercle d’Orientation Cayla,” Chemin William Lescaze 8, 1203 Geneva is not responsible for the organisation of this seminar.

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