Ponder on This

Throughout the books of Alice Bailey we frequently come across arresting suggestions and ideas. Many of these are brought together in this book. Arranged in alphabetical subject order they form an ideal introduction to the books as a whole. Topics include: The Ancient Mysteries; Courage; Crisis; Guidance; Joy; Mind; The New Age; Visualisation.

The Soul, The Quality of Life

The Soul, The Quality of Life is a comprehensive compilation revealing the qualities and relationships of the soul. This book gives us "…much upon which to ponder, to think and to meditate. Let us search for the thread of gold which will lead us, in waking consciousness, into the treasure house of our own souls, and there let us learn to be at-one with all that breathes, to sense the vision for the whole, as far as we can, and to work in unison with God's plan as far as it has been revealed to us by Those Who know."


Με τη μεγάλη δημοσιότητα που έχουν πάρει οι «επιθανάτιες εμπειρίες», πολλοί άνθρωποι τώρα αναζητούν μια βαθύτερη κατανόηση του θανάτου και της διαδικασίας του θνήσκειν. Οι εσωτερικές διδασκαλίες για τα λεπτοφυή σώματα και τις μεταξύ τους διασυνδέσεις, έχουν πολλά να προσφέρουν σε όσους συλλογίζονται και διερευνούν το μυστήριο του θανάτου. Αποσπάσματα απ’ αυτό το βιβλίο, μπορούν να χρησιμεύσουν σαν σπερματικές σκέψεις ή σαν ιδέες για στοχασμό, βοηθώντας τους αναγνώστες στο ξεκαθάρισμα των απόψεών τους και της στάσης τους αναφορικά με αυτό το θέμα.

Master Index of the Books of Alice A. Bailey

The Master Index includes the complete indices from the books by Alice A. Bailey

The Animal Kingdom, A Spiritual Perspective

A thought-provoking compilation of extracts from the books of Alice A. Bailey. It offers an inspiring overview of humanity’s responsibility for the evolution of animals. The Animal Kingdom, A Spiritual Perspective deepens our understanding of the mystery of the animal kingdom because it explains the divine purpose of our association with animals, and the important role humanity has to play in their evolution. This book will be of interest to anyone who is willing to consider a new point of view regarding man’s relationship with animals.

The Seven Rays of Life

As Alice Bailey wrote, a study of the rays will mean that "...we shall have a practical method of analysis whereby we can arrive at a right understanding of ourselves as ensouling entities, and at a wiser comprehension of our fellowmen.We can then deal more intelligently with ourselves, with our children and with our friends and associates.We shall find ourselves able to cooperate more wisely with the Plan as it is seeking expression at any particular time."

The Seventh Ray: Revealer of the New Age

To aid men and women endeavouring to prepare themselves for group service during this transitional era, the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul suggested the study of all that he had written on the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order. The Seventh Ray: Revealer of the New Age is a compilation of those statements found throughout the books Djwhal Khul wrote with Alice Bailey.