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Newsletter 2015 #3 - Rebuilding the Shrine of Human Living

In 2015, the topic of the World Goodwill Seminar in Geneva, New York and London was Rebuilding the Shrine of Human Living. The breadth of the topic allowed the invited presenters to explore it from many angles, and a number of unifying themes could be sensed across all three meetings: the central importance of intelligent love; the need for people of goodwill to work in groups or communities; the necessity for sharing of all resources; the concrete working out of this principle of sharing in international agreements such as those governing climate change; the education and support of youth as vital; and the need to find ways to creatively transform conflicts.

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Newsletter 2015 #2 - Manifesting the Vision of the One Humanity

As we look at the world scene today, it is becoming more and more obvious that major changes are needed. The relationships between citizens and the state; between worshippers and priesthood; between workers and management: all are in urgent need of re-vision. If they are to stay relevant, institutions of all kinds need to draw fresh inspiration from the ideals which first brought them into being. They need to learn to transfigure life in terms of accomplishment.

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Newsletter 2015 #1 - Towards an Age of Light part 2

A newsletter giving impressions from the World Goodwill Seminar on the theme "Towards an Age of Light"

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