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Newsletter 2017 #1 - From Intellect to Intuition

NEWSLETTER 2017 #1 - From Intellect to Intuition

Current world events suggest that the life of humanity has reached a major crisis point. The intensity of political turmoil in America and Europe, the protracted and brutal conflicts in the Middle East, in parts of Africa and elsewhere, the danger of further financial collapse, the looming long-term threats associated with climate change – all these are causing many people of goodwill to experience confusion, and even despair. It might seem that the illusion of separateness has taken hold again with a vengeance and that all the hard-won gains of the past decades concerning development, human rights, the building of good international relationships, establishing a wise environmental stewardship are being compromised, lost even.

Yet to accurately assess the world situation it is vital to adopt a detached point of view and see things in the context of a longer time frame. The study of human evolution shows that cycles of crisis, tension and emergence govern societies – large and small – and through periods of crisis and tension, adjustments are made, consciousness evolves and goodwill emerges into greater expression.

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Newsletter 2016 #2 - Agents of the Future

All who love and serve their fellow humans are agents of a spiritual future – one where the human spirit is evolving towards ever greater cooperation, sharing and unity.
In every interaction, these servers ask one simple question of themselves – how can I bring this future closer? When asked sincerely, and motivated by pure goodwill, it can impact any and every situation. Every moment, every event, every conversation becomes meaningful and significant. The magnetic power of the future is drawn into the present, and service of all kinds is energised. The future depends on the willingness of more and more people to recognise their responsibility for creating it, and to commit themselves to asking this question. They then become agents of the future, and accelerate its birth.

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Newsletter 2016 #1 - Energy and Freedom

Energy is that mysterious factor that sets all created forms in patterns of motion. In Einstein’s famous E= m c squared  its direct connection with matter is shown – we can say that matter is ‘frozen’ energy, energy which has been interwoven into a relatively static condition. The various states of matter reveal an increasing tendency to respond to and embody energy – from the motionless solid, through mobile liquids and gases, to the complex patterns of motion found in plasma. According to mainstream science, physical energy cannot be created or destroyed, which is what supposedly prevents the existence of perpetual motion machines. But it remains an open question whether this perspective, which remains largely fixed on the physical levels of existence, is inherently blind to the true source and origin of energy and motion.

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Newsletter 2015 #3 - Rebuilding the Shrine of Human Living

In 2015, the topic of the World Goodwill Seminar in Geneva, New York and London was Rebuilding the Shrine of Human Living. The breadth of the topic allowed the invited presenters to explore it from many angles, and a number of unifying themes could be sensed across all three meetings: the central importance of intelligent love; the need for people of goodwill to work in groups or communities; the necessity for sharing of all resources; the concrete working out of this principle of sharing in international agreements such as those governing climate change; the education and support of youth as vital; and the need to find ways to creatively transform conflicts.

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Newsletter 2015 #2 - Manifesting the Vision of the One Humanity

As we look at the world scene today, it is becoming more and more obvious that major changes are needed. The relationships between citizens and the state; between worshippers and priesthood; between workers and management: all are in urgent need of re-vision. If they are to stay relevant, institutions of all kinds need to draw fresh inspiration from the ideals which first brought them into being. They need to learn to transfigure life in terms of accomplishment.

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Newsletter 2015 #1 - Towards an Age of Light part 2

A newsletter giving impressions from the World Goodwill Seminar on the theme "Towards an Age of Light"

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Newsletter 2014 #2 - Towards an Age of Light part 1

In the first decade of the 19th century, the first electric light flickered into life in the laboratory of Sir Humphrey Davy. Could he and his collaborators have envisaged, over 200 years later, the brilliantly lit night-time cityscapes of the present? Did they know that their efforts would have such a profound global effect? For today, the operation of society is virtually unthinkable without the ubiquitous presence of all the technologies that have grown out of that simple experiment. Solar-powered lights illumine homes far beyond the reach of the grid, while in the heart of great cities, glowing screens power business and entertainment around the clock, fed by the laser backbone of the Internet.

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