February 2006

Within the body of the planetary Logos humanity is slowly building that which they call the antahkarana; this is, in reality, the linking thread between the head centre of Sanat Kumara and His heart centre. Ponder on these words. There is a mystery involved here and it is little that I can do to make it clearer. As humanity builds or creates the triangles of light and of goodwill, they are in reality invoking a response activity from two of the Buddhas of Activity—the One Who works through the medium of the will aspect, and the One Who works through love in humanity, intelligently applied. Forget not that these three great Buddhas summarise in a peculiar sense the transmuted essence of the previous solar system in which intelligent activity was the goal. Today, that essence underlies all the activity of this solar system but is motivated by love, which was not the case in the earlier manifestation. The Buddhas Themselves form a deeply esoteric Triangle.

The two types of triangles now being created by a mere handful of people are related to that basic triangle. A third type of triangle will at some much later date be constructed but only when these two earlier types are well established in the consciousness of humanity. Then the activity of all the three Buddhas will be involved and present, and a major planetary integration will take place. This is symbolised in man when the three centres in the head (the ajna centre, the brahmarandra centre, and the alta major centre) are all functioning and unshakably related, thereby constituting a triangle of light within the head. (
The Rays and the Initiations, pp. 273-74)