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The energy of goodwill is alive and active and is being expressed at all levels of global life. The Newsletter, World View and Commentaries explore the ways in which this dynamic process is transforming our world and driving the evolution of consciousness.

A regular bulletin featuring the energy of goodwill in world affairs


Polarization is everywhere, it seems, at the moment. Many seem increasingly attracted to the extremes of debate, leaving little space for voices of compromise. Does this mean we are headed for times of open conflict? Or is there a way to remember our shared humanity, and make it the key factor in framing public conversations? Can goodwill form the bridge that unites opposite sides? Finding workable answers to these questions could be the key to the future of life on our planet.



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World View

A series of articles seeking to discuss world events and trends from the angle of the trained observer

TWO WORLD VIEWS on BREXIT:   Brexit and a Globalisation of the Soul ||  Rising to the Occasion

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A more in-depth reflection on the significance of emerging spiritual principles

The Child: Awakening the Consciousness of the Soul - a consideration of ways in which the spiritual unfoldment of children and youth can be fostered

Recent issues:

Progress in the Life of Humanity  ||  The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Signpost to Freedom  ||  Aging on the Pathway of the Soul


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