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January 1940


May I say that when I am able to start my instruction to this New Seed Group with the words "My Brothers," you will then know that an adequate measure of group-integration has been achieved and that the real group work can begin. I have earlier stated the wider and more important objectives i* which are, as you saw, entirely impersonal. I would commit this particular objective to your intelligent consideration. I would have you begin your new work with this objective and goal in your defined consciousness. I therefore stated the objective clearly, so that your minds may be tuned to mine—as far as that may be practically possible. Let your horizon be wide, my brother, and your humility great. I am here speaking individually to you, for you are as yet (the majority of you) individually polarised and the group polarisation lies ahead.

I have given much thought to what I have enjoined upon you in your personal instruction. I have attempted to gauge you and your need from the point of the next lesson you need to learn and the next step that you can take which will release you, each and all, for fuller and deeper spiritual service. I have not attempted to consider you from the point of your attainment upon the Path. I have attempted to aid you in the instructions as a group more than as individuals, and I will therefore ask you to read each other's instructions with great care, for you will find your name and perhaps some suggestions occurring in other papers than your own. It is as a group that you work and as a group you go forward.


The sense of criticism and wrong reaction to each other's knowledge is rapidly disappearing from among you. That is good. The growth of impersonality must be steady and sure. The faults evidenced by each and all of you are on the surface of your lives, but the deep inner integration and the activity of the divine nature in each of you is more definitely vital than before. I do not say that it is as yet in full right outer expression. It can and does produce at times a surface turmoil, but this, if rightly handled, need cause no true disturbance.

Give to each other real love in the times that lie ahead, for it is the fusing and illuminating element in the life of the disciple. Let not your love remain theoretical, but give that true understanding which ignores mistakes, recognises no barriers, refuses all separating thoughts, and surrounds each other with that protecting wall of love that meets all need wherever possible—physical, emotional and mental. It is this which blends the group into one organised whole, which the Masters of the Wisdom can use in the service of the Plan. The pressure at this time is great upon Them and the urgency of humanity's cry grows stronger in Their ears. I have given you much time and thought, and earnestly I have sought to aid you on the Way. My love and strength are ever yours, but not always my time and attention. My earnest prayer is that the Light may enfold you and the Love of God transmute your lives.

For many years I have been looking ahead with definite planning and intent to the work which began in the late summer of 1936. I have sought—with the knowledge of some of you—to prepare you all as a group for an active participation in this future work. As I enter upon the task of preparing you for future increased usefulness and for closer cooperation, I must myself perforce take certain risks, and there must be established between us a trust which will be based—not on secrecy and reticences—but on truth and understanding.

This formation of the New Seed Group is my second attempt to be of hierarchical assistance in inaugurating the New Age methods and technique and to train groups (for it [5] is a group age) which can express the New Age types of work. In my first attempt certain group limitations initiated difficulty and led to the closing of the several individual groups. You will have noted that I assigned the major failure to the inactivity of the heart centre in the majority of the members; this leads necessarily to inadequate integration. I mention this now because I would urge those members who have been selected to work in this new group to bear in mind that they may quite easily carry their earlier tendency into the new group. Only a fresh dedication and a renewed aspiration towards inspiration can prevent the recurrence of a certain static tendency; only a clear vision of the nature of glamour and of its effects in the individual and group life can eliminate the danger of infection from that tendency; only a humble spirit which is not occupied with the faults and failures of others can prevent the injection of an attitude of criticism and judging; and only an attentive watchfulness on the part of a certain few of the members can protect this new vehicle from disaster based on inexperienced self-confidence.

I have seriously considered what action I should rightly take. Various alternatives presented themselves—all of them concerned with the group work per se; none of them concerned you, as individuals. I could continue with the groups as they existed but, brother of mine, what more could I say, or do or teach them? The constant impartation of teaching and of information, the constant pointing out of failure, and the constant individual training are no part of the technique of the Hierarchy—certainly not as far as the individual aspirant is concerned. Where world values and where group consciousness are involved, the indication of needed change, the cyclic bringing about of the presentation to the soul of the Ageless Wisdom and the training of the world disciples—such is the definite and ordained technique of the Hierarchy. But this is not Their method of work with personalities and with those whose orientation is primarily in the three worlds of human endeavour.

Their method and procedure is to try out the personalities of Their intended and indicated disciples and—should [6] these measure up with adequacy—then to proceed with the work of esoteric training. It is the same with groups; these are tested and tried in connection with the group personality, and upon the response depends the future activity of both the group and its Master and Teacher. But it is the group, as you see, which decides procedure.

I have endeavoured to remove out of this group those elements which might perchance have handicapped it, and which the group members—as they are at present constituted and motivated—are not capable of absorbing. Group unity is not dependent upon personal sympathy, personal liking and understanding as it may exist between the group members, but upon capacity to absorb and assimilate, to lift, to change and to transmute those units which seem at first to be uncongenial or even unsuitable—from the limited point of view of the group member. This is oft overlooked, but upon the capacity to do this depends much of group success. When a group cannot yet be depended upon to do this necessary absorption, the apparent rejection of certain people is not the fault of those people, but that of the group which is not yet integrated enough or unified enough to assimilate certain types of character and certain tendencies. The recognition of this should be fruitful in the preservation of much needed humility. You are being tendered another opportunity. I would ask you to remember this and to endeavour, in relation to this new experiment, to cultivate from the very start a humble spirit and the priceless gift of silence.

A group of disciples must be distinguished, as I already told you, by pure reason which will steadily supersede motive, merging eventually into the will aspect of the Monad, its major aspect. It is, technically speaking, Shamballa in direct relation with Humanity. What, therefore, is the group will in any ashram or Master's group? Is it present in any form vital enough to condition the group relations and to unite all into a band of brothers—moving forward into the light? Is the spiritual will of the individual personalities of such strength that it negates the personality relation and leads to spiritual recognition, spiritual interplay and spiritual relation? It is only in consideration of these fundamental [7] effects of standing as a group in the "head's clear light" that it is permissible for a disciple to bring into the picture personal sensitivities of thought, and this only because of a group temporary limitation.

I have pointed out along what lines there has been failure, not because I seek to put the emphasis upon failure or to enlarge upon it, but because clarity of thought and of vision is necessary if the work is to go forward in a reorganised and more vital manner. If this New Seed Group measures up to requirements, then there may again arise correspondences to the original groups as planned. They will arise as the spiritual result of the esoteric manifestation of the potency of life to be found in the seed group.

The work to be done by us in joint cooperation (as regards your training) was organised by me into seven teaching units:

I. Definite planned Meditation.

II. Teaching upon the subject of Initiation.

III. Training in Telepathy.

IV. Consideration of the Problems of Humanity.

V. Teaching anent the Etheric Body.

VI. Added to the above, I seek to give each of you a measure of Individual Help and Instruction.

VII. As time goes on, I will convey information anent the work of the Masters' Ashrams and their planned Externalisation.

I am going to ask you to give two relatively brief periods of time each day to definite and defined meditation. One period (the most important) must be given to the general group meditation, and the other to that meditation which I feel will enable you to function as an integrated personality, fused and blended in consciousness with the soul. This will lead the group as a whole to function correctly, because the individual group units are aligned and rightly adjusted.

Why is it necessary for the disciple to intensify his inner link with his teacher? Not because the teacher is his Master, not because the disciple is subjected to the imposition by the [8] Master of any subjective control, not because of any special privilege in the matter, but because if a student's mind is in true rapport with the teacher, then that student himself can become a source of inspiration to his fellow students; if he is thinking with clarity along the line of his chosen theme (note the word "chosen"), then he too can teach. A Master looks at each member of His group from the angle of their usefulness in the general group service. The contribution of each may differ; one disciple may have achieved much along the lines of clear thought and an impersonal attitude; his usefulness to the group can be that, and the Master will seek to train him still more along these two lines.

What is it therefore which prevents a disciple, as an individual, from having direct approach and direct contact with a Master without being dependent upon a senior disciple as an intermediary? What is it that prevents you from having such direct relation to myself? One or two in this group have direct approach, and another one of you has it but knows it not; several others are well-intentioned and hard-striving disciples but never for a second do they forget themselves; the problem of glamour and preoccupation with spiritual ambition condition some aspirants, a spiritual ambition which is working through a very small personality; some could make rapid progress but are prone to inertia—perhaps they just do not care enough. All desire to move forward, all possess a strong inner spiritual life, but the group antahkarana is usually still incomplete and the aspect of pure reason, which is of the heart, does not control. The evocative power of the Spiritual Triad is not, therefore, adequate to hold the personality steady and the invocative power of the personality is nonexistent—speaking from the angle of the group personalities which make up the personality aspect of the Ashram. This is a factor which can only become potent if certain personality relations are adjusted and inertia is overcome. Then, and only then, can the "group stand."

I propose to give you personality instructions only once a year, at the time of the Full Moon of May. I shall then indicate to you any needed changes in your individual meditation [9] or in the group meditation. At this time I will give to this new seed group a meditation intended to produce coherent relations and a conscious group interplay. I will give each member also a meditation which will serve to integrate his personality more completely but will also serve, above all else, to fuse it with his soul. I shall enlarge later upon this when giving each of you his personal instructions. As I am to instruct you individually only once a year, I shall handle you with directness, and shall pay small attention to your personal reactions. Those are essentially your own business and not mine.

August 1940

Some of you have really studied my previous instructions; others have given them a definitely cursory and perfunctory reading and have, in the last analysis, given no real thought to what I have said. Hence the need of reminding you of my major points prior to continuing with the next phase of the teaching. I would have you demonstrate your grasp of the subject and also your response to the effort I am making to instruct you. The best paper turned in was by W.D.S. because it was the most esoteric and touched upon the spiritual techniques of approach, insight and vision.

Incidentally, the question arises in your minds as to the method whereby I ascertain the content of your papers. Do I read them? Does A.A.B. read them and convey to me her impressions? Do I psychometrise them? None of these expresses my method or conveys the true mode of ascertaining. I do not read them; candidly, my brother, they do not warrant my taking the time. Does A.A.B.. read them and then convey their significance to me? No, because as they filter through her mind and brain they would take on the powerful colouring of her thought, and from this she has ever carefully protected the group and all work she does as an intermediary between you and me. I do not psychometrise them. Let me endeavour to explain.

All detailed, outer forms are expressions of some subjective significance which is the cause of their appearance [10] and which can be discovered by those who can function in the world of meaning. These "foci of significance" carry a note, a vibration and a symbolic aspect which conveys to the trained mind of the esotericist far more than does the outer form of words convey meaning to the trained mind of the exoteric reader. One glance in the direction of the disciple with the thought in mind of ascertaining the value of his contribution in words, serves to bring into my line of vision the symbol which is the product of his written thought. This symbol may be and probably is distorted—a symbol without true balance; it will find its place upon some level of consciousness—astral, mental or spiritual—and its vibratory note will depend upon its "occult location." Forget not that the world of meaning and the world of outer forms express in essentiality the world in which multiplicity is reduced to simplicity, though this does not connote synthesis.

I wonder if any of you really grasp the extent of the effort which I have to make in order to reach your minds and teach you? When, for instance, I seek to send out these instructions I have to make the following preparation. First, I seek to ascertain the mental state and preparedness of the amanuensis, A.A.B., and whether the press of the other work upon which she is engaged in connection with the Plan of the spiritual Hierarchy permits of her right reception; for if the work is exerting extreme pressure and if she is occupied with urgent problems, it may be needful for me to wait until such time as circumstances give her the needed leeway both of time and strength, and of mental detachment. My own sphere of occult work must also come under consideration. Then, having established a rapport with her, I have three things to do.

First, I must gather the group of disciples as a whole into my aura and so gauge its general condition of receptivity—for that must determine the scope of the intended communication. Do you realise, my brothers, that as you extend your power to grasp the needed lessons and learn to train your minds to think in ever wider and more abstract terms, you draw from me a correspondingly adequate instruction? [11] The limitation to the imparted truth lies on your side and not on mine.

Second, I must isolate in my own consciousness the extent of the instruction, detaching myself from all other concerns and formulating the needed material into a thoughtform which will be comprehensive, clear-cut, sequential in its relation to that which has already been imparted and which will lay the ground for the next instruction in due time.

Then third, I have to enter into that meditative condition, and that extraverted attitude which will enable me to pour out in a steady stream of constructive sentences which will express, to the mind of the amanuensis, the thoughtform as I see it and build it. Putting it otherwise, I become creative with deliberation and endeavour to convey to the vision, to the mind and to the intellectual perception of A.A.B. an ordered presentation of the thoughtform which embodies the lesson I desire the students to learn.

All this necessitates an expenditure of force and of time on my part which I feel is well warranted if the students—on their side—will prepare their minds, give the needed time, respond to the few requests I may make, and eventually cooperate with the work of bringing the edited instructions to the attention of aspirants and disciples everywhere and later to a wider public.

And let me here clarify also the question which is in your minds concerning the basis of the rapport between A.A.B. and myself. Earlier, I explained that a neophyte in an ashram is under the guidance of a more advanced chela and that "the Master is receiving regular reports (based on certain charts) from the senior disciple who has the neophyte in charge. It is in this way that many hierarchical relationships are established." (Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. I, page 723.) Several lives ago I was thus responsible for A.A.B. and hence the close link between us and the basic understanding and hence, therefore, the work we have been able to do together, even though I am not her Master. I explain this so that you can get some understanding of the interrelation [12] in ashramic work. We both belong to the Ashram of the Master K.H. I should like to add a further point: Reception such as that by A.A.B. is very rare indeed, not only because of the subject matter, but also because of the delicate sequence of ideas and the good choice of words; through this, she has made my books unique. She provides a standard which has no competition.

I assured you that I would deal with directness when teaching this group, owing to the urgency of the time and the need for the intelligent work of the trained disciple. Will you bear this in mind, and apply my suggestions to yourself and not to your group brothers? One of the most needed things for all disciples is to apply the teaching I may give to the idea of promoting and increasing their world service, thus rendering practical and effective in the world the teaching received and the stimulation to which they have been subjected.

In your personal instructions I will give you information as to the nature of your prevailing glamour. You may ask, what do I really mean by that phrase? I mean that aspect of thought, that quality of feeling, or that innate predisposition, which stands between you and the light of life and truth. There is in the life of every aspirant some outstanding tendency which acts as a limitation. This should receive due attention, leading to its eventual eradication. Most disciples and aspirants are too general in their handling of themselves and of their respective characters. Less diffused attention to the multiplicity of inherited habits and a more concentrated attention to a main, or at least a major, issue would result in a more rapid progress. What I shall therefore reveal to you as needing correction, adjustment or eradication should occupy your attention and be consciously dealt with during the coming year. Small notice need be paid to less important faults and errors; so oft faults that seem to you of paramount importance are of no moment in the eyes of the Masters. So much of the thought life of a disciple is occupied with a ceaseless interrogation and consideration of himself. What I shall say may be very brief and very scant. I am only seeking to indicate and not to direct; [13] I intend to point out, but not dictate to you, modes of eradication.

The times are serious and the world disciples are hard pressed. The Hierarchy and its affiliated groups are seeking active help and cooperation in the work of salvage. All disciples and aspirants are needed, and all can give much if the desire, the loving heart and the consecrated mind are united in service. I ask aid in the task of reconstruction. I ask for your consecrated help. I ask you to discipline yourselves anew, to hold back nothing, either objective or subjective. I ask for your wholehearted cooperation in the work of world salvage.


December 1941


I would like to start off this instruction with the simple statement as to the task which all disciples of the Masters throughout the world are engaged in undertaking and which you also should consciously consider. It is the task of confronting the Dweller on the Threshold in your own life and also in the group life, and then—from that vantage point of strength—face that Dweller on behalf of humanity and thus aid humanity to vanquish this ancient evil. To do this presupposes crisis in your life and in the life of humanity. The handling of crises is the hallmark of the disciple, and every crisis met and rightly handled provides (once the difficulty is occultly "under the feet") the place from which an extended vision can be gained, fresh knowledge can flow in and the transmuting light can shine from the Angel of the Presence and thus produce results.

Each of you has passed through a cycle of real difficulty and strain. This is true of all disciples. The past eighteen months have been months of precipitation, producing a chemicalisation, an interior process of upheaval and probably outer behaviour which may have caused concern to the Observer within. This however is but the reaction of the [14] personality to undue pressure and strain, to world conditions and clearer vision. Vision reveals both the light and the dark, a thing which is oft forgotten. Disciples are fortunate if the major results work out in the physical body. The reactions of the physical body are the least important and do the least harm to others. Where they work out in an emotional or mental condition they are then apt to become a problem of fellow disciples, adding to their strain and necessitating an effort upon their part to carry the brother through with the least damage to the group.

In this group work you need to remember that increasingly there will be no individual life. This is as it should be. Increasingly disciples should be aware of each other and tune in with ease on each other; increasingly the bonds of illumined loyalty should control; increasingly you will participate in each other's attitudes and conditions and thus learn the basic lesson of understanding. Understanding is the secret behind all power to achieve identification with any form of divine expression; understanding is one of the prime factors in producing revelation, and this is one of the paradoxes of occultism. In the world of human thought, understanding follows the prescribed routine, it follows the presented fact. In the life of the spirit, understanding is a necessary predisposing cause of revelation. I would ask you to ponder on this, bracing yourself for revelation, through a deep understanding of the initiator in yourself. Each of you has to initiate your own individual crises; there is no one else who is responsible. Each of you together initiates the activity for which the group is responsible and for which you have been brought together; each of you initiates himself into the Presence, through the medium of the Angel, and into the shadow of the Dweller on the Threshold. Through this process, full consciousness is achieved.

The work of this group, and of other groups similarly motivated, is to achieve these undertakings together: Together to face the Dweller and triumph; together to arrive at understanding; together to stand before the Presence because the Angel's light reveals "that which the eye has never seen;" together to walk the Path of Revelation; together to [15] serve and together to aid the faltering steps of humanity, the world aspirant; together to stand with your backs to the light because you comprehend the ancient aphorism which states:

"He who faces the light and stands within its radiance is blinded to the issues of the world of men; he passes on the lighted way to the great Centre of Absorption. But he who feels the urge to pass that way, yet loves his brother on the darkened path, revolves upon the pedestal of light and turns the other way.

"He faces towards the dark and then the seven points of light within himself transmit the outward streaming light, and lo! the face of those upon the darkened way receives that light. For them, the way is not so dark. Behind the warriors—twixt the light and dark—blazes the light of Hierarchy."

I have been thinking of you all with tenderness and love. The struggle is so hard and oft you feel alone. There is strength in all of you or I would not have chosen you to serve your fellowmen with me; there is weakness in all of you which can evoke your brothers' strength and thus you will be strong; there is love in all of you but it needs expression, and for that the group exists; there is light in all of you and with that light you serve. As the Hierarchy stands as a centre of light and strength to humanity, so do your souls stand to you, and—as your Master—I blend my light with yours and thus increase the efficiency of your service; I blend my love with the love which pours forth from the soul towards each of you, and thus I deepen the relation of love between each and all of you. It is not often that I speak to you in this manner, but in the process of freeing you for increased service I have drawn nearer to you and my love surrounds you. Learn, my brothers, the meaning of words, their transmitting potency and their spiritual significance.

I am going to take the time and spare the needed energy to get in touch with the group during the coming full moons, prior to that of May. I ask you, at no matter what hour the [16] full moon each month may fall, to endeavour to keep half an hour free so that you can attempt to enter into my consciousness. I realise that it may not always be possible for you in your busy Western lives to keep the exact minute free, but you can attempt to find some time, as near to the full moon period as is reasonably possible in your own particular circumstances. This, my brother, is to be a group effort, and not an individual one, and it is as a group that I shall seek to contact you. Therefore it is necessary for you to have this in your mind as you prepare for that moment. You must link up first with all the group members, pouring yourself out in love to each of them, and to all collectively, and associating yourself with them as a part with the whole. Then in united effort attempt the following procedure:

1. Having linked up with all your group brothers, and having raised your consciousness as high as you possibly can, endeavour then to hold steady, holding the mind unwaveringly "in the light," and letting the brain consciousness and its registration drop below the level of consciousness.

2. Then initiate a new effort. Realise that, on my side, I also stand steady, pouring out upon you my love and strength and endeavouring to lift you up into a higher state of consciousness.

3. Visualise ahead of you (if I may use so inadequate a word) a disk or sphere of indigo blue, a deep electric blue. In the centre of that disk imagine that I, your Tibetan brother, am standing. My appearance and personality matter not.

4. When you have visualised me thus standing waiting, then endeavour to see—stretching between yourself, the group and me—a band of golden light and know this to be the symbol of the Path which we are all treading. See this path gradually shortening, thus bringing us closer together, slowly and steadily, until you enter into the heart of the blue disk.

Whilst doing this, hold the mind positive and attentive, using simultaneously the faculties of imagination and of [17] visualisation. This triple activity will test and tax your powers but will be good training in active esoteric work. Regard this always as a united group effort and remember that in doing it you aid each other, and may facilitate the work to be done at the time of the Wesak moon. I would like to add that the results of this work will not become apparent to you until the full moon of May, and even then you will only (through the synthesis of the two years' work) begin to comprehend the fusing and blending and awakening that your own souls are bringing about.

I would ask you also to make a careful record every full moon—from two days before until two days after the full moon—of all experiences and visions. Then in June turn in your full moon records along with your other work, for the helping and informing of the group members. Turn them in, my brother, even if there is naught to relate but failure to register anything.

I think that there is a certain vagueness in your minds as to the processes which I shall follow in dealing with this group of disciples and in the working out of the experiment hinted at earlier—the experiment of group initiation. I would like, therefore, to make the whole plan clearer and indicate anew the lines along which the training given will go. This might be called the exoteric aspect of the esoteric training, for much must and will transpire upon the inner planes in the inner Ashram about which nothing can be said and which will be individual as well as group expansion. I will outline the outer processes in the order of their present importance, and this in its turn is determined by the group condition—for which you are one and all responsible.

I. Definite and planned Meditation. The theme, if I might so call it, of the work will be threefold:

a. The interior interrelation of the seven centres in the body will be the objective of the meditation, basing the work upon the occult maxim that "energy follows thought." We have started upon one formula which relates the heart, the higher head centre, and the solar plexus.


b. The subsequent relation of the centres in any one individual to the remainder of the group members, regarding the centres as radiating transmitters of energy to the centres of the other group members. This will result in the forming of seven great centres of energy which will constitute the group centres, fed and enlightened by the energy transmitted by each individual.

c. The fusion (consciously undertaken) of the individual soul with the group soul and consequently a conscious rapport with the Hierarchy, which is inherently the kingdom of souls.

The first meditation affects the three centres in the individual disciple and also, and consequently, his astral body. They can—when related, awakened and functioning, and when the two points in the solar plexus are balanced and "enlightened," a word which I shall frequently use in connection with the centres—evoke response from the love-petals of the egoic lotus. This must happen automatically and need not be regarded as a complicated technicality. Do the required meditation faithfully and correctly and the results will follow spontaneously.

II. Unfold to you and reveal the techniques of work, preparatory to initiation. I referred to this earlier (in Vol. I, Page 99): "As time goes on, I shall bridge between the old techniques and the newer modes of training by using a part of the ancient technique, now becoming somewhat obsolete, and give you hints as to the nature and methods of educating accepted disciples in the processes of initiation."

You will note, therefore, that it is my intention to give you such hints. This I shall do from the angle of initiation and in preparation for the second or the third initiation. Bear this in mind. Hitherto I have not taught you from that particular angle, but I have instructed you as accepted disciples in training for preparation—a much earlier stage. These hints I will convey to you in the ancient symbolic formulas which will require much deep reflection on your part and an effort to evoke the intuition and thus arrive at [19] the three meanings which they hold for you, and for disciples like you. There are literally seven meanings, but I would advise you to confine yourself to the comprehension of the first three. There will be one meaning for your personality, indicating certain brain and mind realisations which are essential for the right transmission of force upon the physical plane—one of the first things an initiate has to master. There will be the soul meaning which will indicate relation to the Hierarchy, in the same way that the personality significance will indicate relationship to humanity. Then there will be a still higher meaning which will be exceedingly difficult for you to grasp, but for which you must strive and which will necessitate the consciously acquired use of the antahkarana. You will understand, therefore, why the study of the Science of the Antahkarana forms part of my instruction to this group. No major initiation can be taken until there is some measure of conscious use of the antahkarana.

The accepted disciple never receives any detailed information or instruction; he is given no list of rules which must govern his daily life and no minute instructions as to what he must do to "take initiation." He receives—at specific "points in time"—according to his success in expanding his consciousness, certain definite hints. These hints have, in the past, been given without calling attention to the fact that they are hints. The disciple either recognised them for what they were and profited thereby, or else he failed to sense their import and so delayed his moving forward. In this group experiment which I am undertaking, I propose to change this somewhat and I shall let you know which are the hints I give, so that together the group may profit by them, stimulated by each presented idea and thus evoke together the overshadowing soul. This will result, eventually, in an inflow of light from the Spiritual Triad via the group antahkarana, constructed of the "rainbow bridge" of each disciple.

III. Develop in each of you some measure of telepathic rapport—to each other, to me, your Master, and the hierarchical Plan. A Master can give no real teaching (by means of stimulation) to His group until there is established by the disciples—as individuals—a proper relation to each other, [20] free from all criticism (which always severs telepathic interplay) and based on loving understanding in which they—again as individuals—ask nothing for the separated self but only seek to give to each other and to the group.

The above concerns and applies to your relation to me, to the Hierarchy (which is "entered" through the process of initiation) and to each other. This relation, which indicates ability to touch the sources of power, love and light, carries with it the implications of service and work for humanity.

IV. I shall, therefore, endeavour to interpret humanity to you (and to disciples everywhere) so that its present problems and its immediate opportunity may emerge clearly in your minds, and you will be able consequently to work intelligently and understandingly. The Science of Service needs elucidating and the Path of Man needs understanding. The attitude of the initiate consciousness to human problems is not identical with that of the ordinary human being. I do not desire to deal with problems already considered by us in the various pamphlets and in my books. It is the new world which we shall start to study, the new opportunities and the new complexities, as well as the new and coming simplifications in life and being. They concern primarily the service of the initiate; hitherto we have only considered the service which disciples, aspirants and men of goodwill can render.

V. I shall give you some clear and definite instructions anent the uses of the etheric body. This vehicle of vitality or energy is the ultimate conditioning factor in the activity of the physical body. It is an initiator, for there is no physical activity as we understand it unless impulsed by some energy emanating from the etheric body. An understanding of some of the processes of initiation will come from an understanding of the body of vitality. The etheric body is the organ whereby personality or soul expression becomes evidenced upon the physical plane. Its potency is that which evokes the physical form. Most of the vehicles have a dual capacity—invocation and evocation. They also have a third function: they ground or focus energy, thus producing a point of tension, of crisis and an interlude, prior to a process of transmission. [21] Ponder on these words. The physical body can be evoked into manifestation and subsequent activity, but it has no power of invocation. Hence it is not a principle (as H.P.B. tells us in The Secret Doctrine) but is basically an automaton. The etheric body invokes and evokes; but it also, in relation to the physical plane, precipitates energy through a process of appropriation. A study of these things will bring to our attention the entire subject of the centres and this we will approach from the angle of invocation and evocation.

The teaching upon the etheric body naturally follows upon any instructions which I may give anent telepathic communication and the manipulation of energy by the initiate-disciple, via the centres, via the group centres and—when of very high development and initiate degree—via the planetary centres. I have not yet given you much on this theme but there is much that will later be said. I shall, however, have to deal with it only briefly and tentatively, as the majority of aspirants and disciples are not yet ready for this particular study.

VI. I shall, once a year, give to each of you a measure of individual help, personal instruction and individual meditation. The clue to your next step towards the door of initiation and towards the Presence will also be indicated by me. This I will do at the time of the Full Moon of May (Taurus) each year. This may involve at times an analysis of your group relation, of the effect that your national and racial thoughtforms have upon you, and also the assets and the liabilities of your personality and egoic rays. I shall endeavour to bring to your attention your personal point in evolution. I would remind you at this point that these seven rays are sharply different as to colouring and phenomenal effect and, at the same time, I would remark that—under the Law of Occult Paradox—the seven Lords of Being (the seven Rays) are widely different but remain non-separative.

VII. We are also trying the experiment of externalising the Ashram. This is an effort which, if successful, will be the prelude to the manifestations of the Hierarchy upon Earth. This is one of the next intended undertakings, if and when the Forces of Light have driven the forces of evil and of [22] aggression back to their "dark habitation." As time goes on I will convey information anent the work of the Masters' Ashrams, their planned externalisation and, eventually, the externalisation of the Hierarchy.

Such, brother of mine, is our appointed task. Out of all that might be said or written by me will eventually emerge a Treatise on Discipleship which will be useful in the New Age. You are accustomed to the teaching of the Piscean Age upon this subject and also to the Piscean interpretation. It is part of my work to begin to indicate the methods and processes and the modes of instruction which will distinguish the Aquarian Age. This will only be possible to aspirants with an open mind. For this you must strive.

This programme is an ambitious one, my brothers; it will call forth your utmost capacity and staying power but, if persisted in, it will hasten your development; this will also entail obedience. We are basically occupied, little as you may realise it, in compiling an elementary manual for initiation. Ponder on this. Much antagonism will be evoked and an uprising of scepticism will be naturally aroused; those who see no need or possibility for any changing of hierarchical methods, and who are the fundamentalists of the theosophical movement and the narrow theologians among the esotericists, will make an outcry. They will be annoyed and bewildered, but they can make no further progress this life unless they widen their point of view; they must learn that the past methods and techniques were devoted to bringing the personality into relation with the soul, with character building, integration and alignment processes, as well as with laying the foundation for what could be given out when humanity reached its present stage.

Now the preparatory work has been done and has proved effective; it will be continued for those who need its aid, but the more advanced work can be made exoteric. This planned externalising of the teaching must go on all the time. It is the testimony of the Hierarchy that the points of crisis in the evolutionary process have accomplished their intent and have demonstrated success. These points of crisis are ever [23] succeeded by "points of revelation" and it is with such points of revelation that we are at this time occupied.

August 1942


I would like first to remind you briefly of three points which I made in my last instruction.

1. This is my last effort to bring you each in this incarnation up to the point in your spiritual development which would be entirely possible, if you so desired. Success or failure in conforming to requirements is entirely your personal affair. Each of you can be active or inactive as it seems best to you, but I would remind you that whatever you do affects your group—either constructively or adversely.

2. There are outer processes at work which are effects of inner happenings in your own souls, in the Ashram and in the Hierarchy itself. My task is to aid you in fusing the inner and the outer events so as to bring about a true expression of the facts as they are in your life, in the Ashram life and in the Hierarchy. Your task is to develop sensitivity in these three classes of spiritual events.

3. The group is the factor of importance and, as I said, increasingly the individual life of the disciple lessens and his group awareness and sensitivity increases. Bear this in mind as you master the hard lesson of impersonality—an impersonality shown to you by me, by A.A.B. and (so difficult a thing to learn!) by your own souls. It is an impersonality which you yourselves must develop and apply, once you love enough. Love is the basis of impersonality.

This is, as I have repeatedly told you, an experiment in group initiation. This means that though each of you takes various steps in line with your particular point of development, there is also being developed by the Hierarchy a new technique which—when perfected and understood—will initiate [24] entire group units into the Light and into the "Labour of the Plan." Such a group must itself be composed of people who have taken initiation. As one of your group members will only take the first initiation next life, it is obvious that the group initiation to which I refer will not be taken in this immediate cycle. The rest of the group have to wait for him.

In any case, they are not yet ready and there is much preparatory work to be done, much unfolding of awareness and developing of sensitivity before there can be a going forward together as the situation desired demands. The time equation is one of great difficulty to the average disciple. He is either working constantly under a sense of pressure and of haste or he is "strolling along the path of life," feeling that evolution is long and why, therefore, the need to make speed? Only a very few work from that point of balance which inhibits the spasmodic rushing activity of the intense devotee or the lazy moving forward of the awakened aspirant. I would ask you to study time in relation to your own souls, having in mind the peculiar opportunities of the present cycle and the outstanding need of humanity. Many are still too preoccupied with what they are attempting to do, with their own development and with their own capacity or non-capacity to help; but at the same time they are inadequately handling the problem of self-effacement and complete dedication to their fellowmen. "What can I do?" is of less importance to them than "What am I learning, and is the Master satisfied with me?" I shall be satisfied with you when you have forgotten both yourself and me in your strenuous service for mankind.

Service, I would remind you, is a scientific process, calling forth all the soul powers into full expression on the physical plane. It is service which causes a divine manifestation or what you call a divine incarnation. If a man is truly serving, he will perforce draw upon all the resources of spiritual strength and light and all the wisdom and directing power of his soul, because the task to be done is always too big for the personality. Some of the world's greatest servers are men and women who are very close to the spiritual Hierarchy and working under its direction, inspiration and impression, [25] but who know naught of esotericism so-called, do not recognise the Hierarchy and (in their brain consciousness) remain unaware of its Personnel, the Masters of the Wisdom. One of the tragedies today of the esoteric world is the vast amount of facts in the possession of esoteric students, and the piling up of knowledge anent the Hierarchy and its Personnel. In the minds of disciples this knowledge and this aspiration obliterates the need of their fellowmen. This constitutes one of the problems with which the Hierarchy is faced. The problem of balance and of dual orientation is a very real one. As regards the impartation of spiritual knowledge, the Masters Who take pupils are faced with two problems:

1. The problem of the unawakened aspirant.

2. The problem of the learned disciple.

Ignorance and knowledge must both give place to understanding and wisdom.

I particularly wish to speak about the work that I desire you should do at the time of the full moon during the coming year. This aspect of your work should become increasingly potent and interesting. I regard it as of major importance in the group endeavour, and if I, your teacher and friend (under the pressure of the present world opportunity), can spare the time to aid the group in this particular way, it is surely not too much to ask that I receive reciprocal attention.

Perhaps some of you may get increased light upon the usefulness of the attempt if I tell you the interesting fact that—at the time of the full moon—it is almost as if a door suddenly opened wide, which at other times stands closed. Through that door, ingress is possible; through that door or opening, energies can be contacted which are otherwise shut off; and through that door approaches can be made to the planetary Hierarchy and to reality which are at other times not possible. In this statement, you have the rude outlines of a Science of Approach which has been little known up to the present time, even to advanced disciples, but which it is intended [26] during the New Age to develop. It is a part of the true and emerging technique of the Path.

I would like somewhat to change your work in connection with your full moon contact. Two days before the time of the full moon, I will ask you to begin to cultivate that inner attitude of poised re-collectedness which will lay the right foundation for further work and which will help to shift the focus of the attention from the objective to the subjective work. It is an attitude more than an activity. Ponder on this phrase. It is a state of consciousness which can be carried forward, no matter what may be the outer activity or interests, and it involves no outer silence, or cessation of normal behaviour. It is part of the training which has for its goal the living (by the disciple) of a dual life—a life of active participation in world affairs and a life of intense mental and spiritual preoccupation.