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I would ask you to have clearly in your minds the three groups of spiritual energies which—at the time of the three Full Moons of April, May and June—will be released into activity and which will aid humanity in its major task of rebuilding the new and better world:

The Forces of Restoration. These will work to restore morale and psychological health, thus implementing the resurrection of humanity from the death cycle through which it has been passing. The restoration of men's mental condition to a wholesome and happier approach to life is the primary objective. These forces will bring about the emergence of the new civilisation—which is definitely man's creative work.

The Forces of Enlightenment. These, when let loose upon Earth, will produce a clear grasp of the Plan which the Hierarchy desires to see work out, a revelation of the issues involved in their right and possible sequence; and they will also give a sense of proportion to human thinking, plus an appreciation of the spiritual values which should determine the objective policies. These Forces will salvage the cultural gains of the past (a past which is dead and gone and of which little should again be restored) and will implement (upon the few foundational cultures of the past) that new and better culture which will be distinctive of the New Age.

The Forces of Reconstruction. These will usher in an era of pronounced creative activity and will bring about the rebuilding of the tangible world upon the new lines. This the total destruction of the old forms will necessitate. It is this great group of Forces which will be set in motion by the Christ at the June Full Moon; the focus of Their [483] work will definitely be upon the physical plane. Their task is to precipitate and bring into manifestation that which the work of the Forces of Restoration and of Enlightenment have made subjectively possible.

These Forces might be regarded as embodying and making declarative the "new materialism." This is a statement warranting our closest consideration. It is essential that we bear in mind, as we face the activities of the future process of rebuilding, that matter and substance and their fusion into living forms are aspects of divinity; it has been the prostitution of matter to selfish ends and for separative purposes which has been responsible for the misery, the suffering, the failure and the evil which have characterised the career of mankind down the ages and which precipitated this world war. Today humanity is being given a fresh opportunity to build again on sounder and more constructive lines that better civilisation which is the dream of those who love their fellowmen, and to attain a new aptitude in handling substance. If men can demonstrate a gained wisdom in the creation of a form which will house the spirit of resurrection and express the enlightenment gained by the bitter experience of the past, then humanity will rise again.

The unique opportunity which confronts the Christ as His great hour draws near is that of unifying, synthesising and integrating all these forces into one great and potent downpouring of spiritual energy. These energies involve the activities of the Spirit of Resurrection, the inspiration of the Buddha as He this year conveys the strength of the One in Whom we live and move and have our being, and that which the Christ Himself will set in motion in response to the invocative appeal of the New Group of World Servers, the men of goodwill and the "massed intent" of the inarticulate masses. It is essential that we try to grasp the unity of this hierarchical effort.

The energy which will lead to the restoration of human aspiration, right idealism and fixed humanitarian intention [484] is that distributed by the Forces of Restoration which were set in motion this year, at the time of the Easter Full Moon, under the direction of the Masters of the Wisdom and the supervision of the Christ. They will concern themselves with the reorientation of the human psyche and with the inevitable consequences of that reorientation—the acquiring of the vision which will bring about right human relations. This will be largely done by the spiritual people in the world, by aspirants, working disciples and (where possible) through the spiritually minded people in the churches and humanitarian and esoteric groups.

The energy which will lead to intelligent activity and to correct mental planning I have called that of the Forces of Enlightenment; once these have been released, it becomes the responsibility of the New Group of World Servers to direct them. Then through the enlightened plans of the world intelligentsia and prominent humanitarians and racial servers, it will be possible to establish those spiritual principles and that correct cooperative relationship which should distinguish human affairs in the future. Those who will be directly affected, if the plans go as desired, are the big educational systems, the world-wide propaganda institutions, and all those agencies which work to educate and direct public thinking and mould public opinion.

The energy which I have called the Forces of Reconstruction will be more general in their application, and they will affect the masses of men through the work of the men and women of goodwill. I have therefore outlined a planned distribution of the three great streams of divine energy which will be set in motion at the three current Full Moons—one already past and two to come:

The energy of restoration, at the time of the April Full Moon

The energy of enlightenment, at the time of the Wesak or May Full Moon

The energy of reconstruction, at the time of the June Full Moon.


The inspiring sources of these spiritual agencies are, first of all, the Spirit of Resurrection (an extra-planetary Being), then the Lord of the World, working through the Buddha, and finally the Christ Himself. These Three will work through the Hierarchy, the New Group of World Servers, and the men and women of goodwill. Such is the general plan proposed by Those Who stand—with enlightened spiritual purpose—ready at this time to lead humanity out of darkness into light, from the unreal to the real, and from death to immortality. That most ancient of prayers comes today to have its deepest spiritual significance. Let me repeat it in the order in which today it gains meaning:

Lead us, O Lord, from death to Immortality;

From darkness to Light;

From the unreal to the Real.

The beauty of this synthesis and the wonder of this opportunity are surely apparent as we study what is here written and consider these aspects of the divine Plan. Great Forces, under potent spiritual leadership, are standing ready to precipitate Themselves into this human world of chaos, confusion, aspiration and bewilderment. These groups of energies are ready to focus and distribute themselves, and the Hierarchy is closer to mankind than ever before; the New Group of World Servers are also "standing attentive to direction" in every country in the world, united in their idealism, in their humanitarian objectives, in their sensitivity to spiritual impression, in their united subjective purpose, in their love of their fellowmen, and in their dedication to selfless service; the men and women of goodwill are also to be found everywhere, ready to be guided into constructive activity, and to be the agents (gradually trained and educated) for the establishment of what has never yet truly existed—right human relations.

Thus, from the highest spiritual Being upon our planet, through the graded spiritual groups of enlightened and perfected men who work upon the inner side of life, on [486] into the outer world of daily living, where thinking, loving men and women serve, the tide of the new life sweeps. The Plan is ready for immediate application and intelligent implementing; the workers are there, and the power to work is adequate to the need. The three Full Moons which we have been considering are simply the three points in time through which the needed power is to be released.

Here, my brothers, is a picture of possibility. I seek to present it to you today because of world need; here is the ground for a sound, optimistic approach to the future; here is the assurance that the world can be rebuilt, that constructive action can be successfully taken, that enlightenment will increasingly make its presence obvious, and that humanity will indeed rise out of its unhappy past into a new world of understanding, of tranquillity, of cooperation and of renewed spiritual impulse.

It will not be easy. The spiritual energies which will be released will inevitably evoke opposition. Selfishness and hate, with their secondary effects of greed, cruelty and nationalism, are not dead nor will they die for a long time to come. In the post-war world these conditions must be ignored and the New Group of World Servers and the men and women of goodwill must work together for an enlightened education, for a cooperative economic life, for right human relations in all departments of human experience, for clean political activity, for disinterested service, and for a world religion which will restore Christ to His rightful place in the hearts of men, which will take the pomp, the materialism and the politics out of the churches, and which will unify the spiritual intention of all the religions to be found in both hemispheres. This is a vast programme, but the number of enlightened men and women is also very great, and the power at their disposal ensures the ultimate triumph of their spiritual idealism.

The major need is to bring these people into a much closer relationship, to take those steps which will enable them to realise that they are an integral part of a group of directed and intelligent world servers, and yet to leave them [487] free to work in their own way, each in his own place and chosen field of service, and to see all these phases of the work as supplementary to all others and as the working out of a divine Plan, originating in the Hierarchy of spiritual Lives. Their work will be consciously carried out under the direct guidance of Christ and His disciples.

Long patience will be needed. Mistakes will be made. There will be periods of indecision, of ineffective action and of negative yet deep discouragement. Workers will be prone to attitudes of despair, and at times the task will appear to them to demand too much, to be too difficult and the forces opposing what they seek to do too strong. But behind all the reconstruction with which humanity is faced is the potency of inevitable resurrection, the constant flow of enlightened thinking into and directing the mass consciousness, plus a growing realisation that humanity is not alone, that the spiritual values are the only real values, and that the Hierarchy stands, immovable in its spiritual strength, steadily oriented towards world salvation, and acting ever under the direction of that great divine yet human Leader, the Christ. The Christ has passed through all human experiences, and has never left us; with His disciples, the Masters of the Wisdom, He is drawing closer to humanity decade after decade; when He said at the Ascension Initiation, "Lo, I am with you always even until the end of the age," He meant no vague or general idea of helping humanity from some distant locality called "the Throne of God in Heaven." He meant just what He said—that He was staying with us. The fact of His Presence upon earth in physical form is known today by many hundreds of thousands, and will eventually be realised by as many millions.

Therefore, my brothers, believe in the reality of the work to be done by these great spiritual Potencies, invoked during the three Full Moons of April, May and June. Go forth to the task of helping humanity, of establishing goodwill, of bringing about right human relations and of restoring a true spiritual perspective, with undaunted courage, [488] sure faith and the firm conviction that mankind is not alone.

May the blessing of the Christ and of the Hierarchy rest upon all true servers and may they stand tranquil in the midst of strife.


April 17, 1945

As this world catastrophe draws to its inevitable close and the Forces of Light triumph over the forces of evil, the time of restoration opens up. For each of you this indicates a renewed time of service and of activity. I send you herewith the final Stanza of the Great Invocation, as I promised. [ix]* I gave you the first about nine years ago and the second during the course of the war. I would ask you to use it daily and as many times a day as you can remember to do so; you will thus create a seed thought or a clear-cut thoughtform which will make the launching of this Invocation among the masses of men a successful venture when the right time comes. That time is not yet.

This Great Invocation can be expressed in the following words:

From the point of Light within the Mind of God

Let light stream forth into the minds of men.

Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God

Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.

May Christ return to Earth.

From the centre where the Will of God is known

Let purpose guide the little wills of men—

The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the centre which we call the race of men

Let the Plan of Love and Light work out

And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.


It has been difficult to translate into understandable and adequate phrases, the very ancient word-forms which the Christ will employ. These word-forms are only seven in number, and they will constitute His complete, new utterance. I have only been able to give their general significance. Nothing else was possible, but even in this longer form, they will be potent in their invocative appeal, if said with mental intensity and ardent purpose. The points of emphasis upon which I would ask you to dwell (once it is permissible to use the phrases) are two in number:

1. May Christ return to earth. This return must not be understood in its usual connotation and its well-known mystical, Christian sense. Christ has never left the earth. What is referred to is the externalisation of the Hierarchy and its exoteric appearance on earth. The Hierarchy will eventually, under its Head, the Christ, function openly and visibly on earth. This will happen when the purpose of the divine will and the plan which will implement it is better understood and the period of adjustment, of world enlightenment and of reconstruction has made real headway. This period begins at the San Francisco Conference (hence its major importance) and will move very slowly at first. It will take time but the Hierarchy thinks not in terms of years and of brief cycles (though long to humanity), but in terms of events and the expansion of consciousness.

2. May it seal the door where evil dwells. The sealing up of the evil forces, released during this war, will take place within the immediate future. It will be soon. The evil referred to has nothing to do with the evil inclinations, the selfish instincts and the separativeness found in the hearts and minds of human beings. These they must overcome and eliminate for themselves. But the reduction to impotency of the loosed forces of evil which took advantage of the world situation, which obsessed the German people and directed the Japanese people, and which worked through barbarity, murder, sadism, lying propaganda and which prostituted science to achieve their ends, requires the imposition [490] of a power beyond the human. This must be invoked and the invocation will meet with speedy response. These evil potencies will be occultly "sealed" within their own place; what this exactly means has naught to do with humanity. Men today must learn the lessons of the past, profit from the discipline of the war and deal—each in his own life and community—with the weaknesses and errors to which he may find himself prone.

I would here recall to you what I said last year anent this final Stanza of the Invocation.

"I am preparing to present to you for wide distribution throughout the world, the last stanza of the Great Invocation. It is by no means easy to translate the words of this stanza in terms which will make it of general appeal and not simply of importance to convinced esotericists.... It can be so presented that the masses everywhere, the general public will be prompted to take it up and will use it widely; they will do this on a relatively larger scale than the intuitional, the spiritually minded or even the men of goodwill. A far wider public will comprehend it. I will give A.A.B. this stanza at the earliest possible moment; this will be conditioned by world affairs and by my understanding of a certain esoteric appropriateness in the setting of a time cycle. If plans mature as desired by the Hierarchy, the new stanza can receive distribution at the time of the Full Moon of June 1945, as far as the Occident is concerned, and considerably later for the Orient. Prior to these set points in time, the stanza can be used by all esoteric school members, after being used for one clear month by my group, dating that month from the time that the most distant members of the group receive it."

I seek to have this Invocation go forth on the power generated by my Ashram and by all of you affiliated with my Ashram; the Ashrams of the Master K.H. and the Master M. are likewise deeply committed to participation in this work.


I would ask you also to read and re-read the two Instructions which you are at this time receiving—one dealing with the Cycle of Conferences and other with The Work of the Christ. (The Reappearance of the Christ, Chapter IV.) Master their contents and let the blueprint of the hierarchical plan take shape in your minds. Then you can do your share in implementing it and will be able to recognise those who in other groups and in different lands are also a vital part of hierarchical effort.


August 9, 1945

I would like at this time to touch upon the greatest spiritual event which has taken place since the fourth kingdom of nature, the human kingdom, appeared. I refer to the release of atomic energy, as related in the newspapers this week, August 6, 1945, in connection with the bombing of Japan.

Some years ago I told you that the new era would be ushered in by the scientists of the world and that the inauguration of the kingdom of God on Earth would be heralded by means of successful scientific investigation. By this first step in the releasing of the energy of the atom this has been accomplished, and my prophecy has been justified during this momentous year of our Lord 1945. Let me make one or two statements anent this discovery, leaving you to make your own application and deductions. Little as to the true nature of this happening is as yet known, and still less is understood. Certain ideas and suggested thoughts may be of real value here and enable you to see this stupendous event in better perspective.

1. It was the imminence of this "release" of energy which was one of the major subjective factors in the precipitation of this last phase of the war. This world war started in 1914, but its last and most important phase began in 1939. [492] Up till then it was a world war. After that date, and because the forces of evil took advantage of the state of war and belligerency existing on the planet, the real war began, involving the entire three worlds of human evolution and a consequent activity of the Hierarchy. Man's attention is normally focussed on the externalities of living. Nevertheless, all great discoveries, such as those made in connection with astronomy or in relation to the laws of nature or involving such a revelation as that of radio-activity or the epoch-making event announced this week concerning the first steps taken in the harnessing of cosmic energy, are ever the result of inner pressure emanating from Forces and Lives found in high Places. Such inner pressures themselves function under the laws of the Spirit and not just under what you call natural laws; they are the result of the impelling work of certain great Lives, working in connection with the third aspect of divinity, that of active intelligence, and are concerned with the substance or matter aspect of manifestation. Such activities are motivated from Shamballa. This activity is set in motion by these Lives, working on Their high plane, and it gradually causes a reaction in the various departments of the Hierarchy, particularly those working under third, fifth and seventh ray Masters. Eventually, disciples upon the physical levels of activity become aware of the inner ferment, and this happens either consciously or unconsciously. They become "impressed," and the scientific work is then started and carried through into the stages of experimentation and final success.

One point should here be remembered, and that is that this phase applies to both the great White Lodge and the Black Lodge—the one dedicated to the beneficent task of purifying and aiding all lives in the three worlds of material evolution and to the release of the soul in form, and the other to the retardation of the evolutionary process and to the continuous crystallising of the material forms which hide and veil the anima mundi. Both groups have been profoundly interested and implicated in this matter of the release of energy from the atom and the liberation of its [493] inner aspect, but their motives and objectives were widely different.

2. The imminence of this release—inevitable and under direction—produced an enormous tension in hierarchical circles because (to express the idea colloquially) a race was on between the Dark Forces and the Forces of Light to acquire possession of the techniques necessary to bring about this liberation of needed energy. Had the Dark Forces triumphed, and had the Axis Powers obtained possession of the needed scientific formulas, it would have led to a major planetary disaster. The released energy would have been used first of all to bring about the complete destruction of all opposing the forces of evil, and then it would have been prostituted to the preservation of an increasingly materialistic and non-idealistic civilisation. Germany could not be trusted with this power, for all her motives were compelling wrong.

You might here fall back on the trite religious platitude that the innate good in humanity and mankind's inherent divinity would eventually have triumphed, because naught can finally overcome the universal trend to good. You are prone to forget that if the evil forces possess potencies which can destroy form in the three worlds on such a wide scale that the souls of advanced aspirants and disciples, and those of initiates seeking incarnation, cannot come into outer expression during a particular world crisis, then you have direfully affected the time-schedule of the evolutionary process; you will have greatly delayed (perhaps for millennia of years) the manifestation of the kingdom of God. The time had come for that manifestation, and hence the powerful activity of the dark forces.

This attempt to hinder the planned progress constituted a definite menace and indicated a supreme danger and problem. The evil forces were closer to success than any of you have ever dreamed. They were so close to success in 1942 that there were four months when the members of the spiritual Hierarchy had made every possible arrangement to withdraw from human contact for an indefinite [494] and unforeseen period of time; the plans for a closer contact with the evolutionary process in the three worlds and the effort to blend and fuse the two divine centres, the Hierarchy and Humanity, into one working, collaborating whole seemed doomed to destruction. Their fusion would have meant the appearance of the Kingdom of God on earth; the obstacles to this fusion, owing to the active tension of the dark forces, seemed at that time insuperable; we believed that man would go down to defeat, owing to his selfishness and his misuse of the principle of free will. We made all preparations to withdraw, and yet at the same time we struggled to get humanity to choose rightly and to see the issues clearly.

The necessity to withdraw was averted. I may not say in what manner, beyond telling you that the Lords of Liberation took certain unexpected steps. This They were led to do owing to the invocative powers of humanity, used consciously by all those upon the side of the will-to-good and unconsciously by all men of goodwill. Owing to these steps, the efforts of those fighting in the realm of science for the establishing of true knowledge and right human relations were aided. The trend of the power to know and to discover (a definite form of energy) was deflected away from the demanding evocative minds of those seeking to destroy the world of men, leading to a form of mental paralysis. Those seeking to emphasise the right values and to save humanity were simultaneously stimulated to the point of success.

In these very few words I have disposed of a stupendous world event, and in this brief paragraph I have summed up the working out of a specialised divine activity.

3. When the sun moved northward that year (1942), the great White Lodge knew that the battle had been won. Their preparations were halted and the Masters then organised for renewed effort (through Their disciples) to bring about those conditions wherein that which was new and that which was in line with loving divine purpose could freely move forward. The war was not won by the surrender of [495] Germany.  That was only the outer result of inner happenings. The war was won by the Forces of Light when the mental potency of the forces of evil was overcome and the "energy of the future" was directed or impelled by Those Who were seeking the higher human values and the spiritual good of mankind. Four factors lie behind the momentous happening of the release of this form of atomic energy, through the medium of what is erroneously and unscientifically called the "splitting of the atom." There are other factors, but you may find the following four of real interest:

a. There was a clearly directed inflow of extra-planetary energy released by the Lords of Liberation, to Whom invocation had been successfully made; through the impact of this energy upon the atomic substance being dealt with by the investigating scientists, changes were brought about which enabled them to achieve success. The experiments being carried forward were therefore both subjective and objective.

b. A concerted effort was made by a number of disciples who were working in fifth and seventh ray ashrams, and this enabled them to impress lesser disciples in the scientific field and helped them to surmount the well-nigh insuperable difficulties with which they were confronted.

c. There was also a weakening of the tension which had hitherto successfully held the forces of evil together, and a growing inability of the evil group at the head of the Axis Powers to surmount the incidental war fatigue. This brought about, first of all, a steady deterioration of their minds, and then of their brains and nervous systems. None of the men involved in the direction of the Axis effort in Europe is today normal psychologically; they are all suffering from some form of physical deterioration, and this has been a real factor in their defeat, though one that may be difficult for you to realise. It is not so in the case of the Japanese, whose psychological make-up is totally different, [496] as are their nervous systems, which are of fourth rootrace quality. They will be and are being defeated by physical war measures and by the destruction physically of their war potential and the death of the form aspect. This destruction ... and the consequent release of their imprisoned souls, is a necessary happening; it is the justification of the use of the atomic bomb upon the Japanese population. The first use of this released energy has been destructive, but I would remind you that it has been the destruction of forms and not the destruction of spiritual values and the death of the human spirit—as was the goal of the Axis effort.

Forget not that all success (both good and bad) is dependent upon the sustaining of the point of tension. This point of tension involves the dynamic focussing of all mental, emotional and physical energies at a central point of planned activity. This, by the way, is the objective of all true meditation work. It is in this act of tension that the German people failed. This cost them the war; their tension broke because the group of evil forces who were impressing the negative German people were unable to attain the point of tension which the Hierarchy could reach when it was reinforced through the action of the Lords of Liberation.

d. Another factor was the constant, invocative demand and the prayers (articulate and inarticulate) of humanity itself. Men, impelled largely by fear and the innate mobilising of the human spirit against slavery, reached such a pitch of demanding energy that a channel was created which greatly facilitated the work of the Hierarchy, under the direct influence of the Lords of Liberation.

4. The release of the energy of the atom is as yet in an extremely embryonic stage; humanity little knows the extent or the nature of the energies which have been tapped and released. There are many types of atoms, constituting [497] the "world substance"; each can release its own type of force; this is one of the secrets which the new age will in time reveal, but a good and sound beginning has been made. I would call your attention to the words, "the liberation of energy." It is liberation which is the keynote of the new era, just as it has ever been the keynote of the spiritually oriented aspirant. This liberation has started by the release of an aspect of matter and the freeing of some of the soul forces within the atom. This has been, for matter itself, a great and potent initiation, paralleling those initiations which liberate or release the souls of men.

In this process of planetary initiation humanity has carried its work as the world saviour down into the world of substance, and has affected those primary units of life of which all forms are made.

5. You will now understand the meaning of the words used by so many of you in the second of the Great Invocations: The hour of service of the saving force has now arrived. This "saving force" is the energy which science has released into the world for the destruction, first of all, of those who continue (if they do) to defy the Forces of Light working through the United Nations. Then—as time goes on—this liberated energy will usher in the new civilisation, the new and better world and the finer, more spiritual conditions. The highest dreams of those who love their fellowmen can become practical possibilities through the right use of this liberated energy, if the real values are taught, emphasised and applied to daily living. This "saving force" has now been made available by science, and my earlier prophecy substantiated. [x]*


As I said above, the first use of this energy has been material destruction; this was inevitable and desirable; old forms (obstructing the good) have had to be destroyed; the wrecking and disappearance of that which is bad and undesirable must ever precede the building of the good and desirable and the longed-for emergence of that which is new and better.

The constructive use of this energy and its harnessing for the betterment of humanity is its real purpose; this living energy of substance itself, hitherto shut up within the atom and imprisoned in these ultimate forms of life, can be turned wholly into that which is good and can bring about such a revolutionising of the modes of human experience that (from one angle alone) it will necessitate and bring about an entirely new economic world structure.

It lies in the hands of the United Nations to protect this released energy from misuse and to see that its power is not prostituted to selfish ends and purely material purposes. It is a "saving force" and has in it the potency of rebuilding, of rehabilitation and of reconstruction. Its right use can abolish destitution, bring civilised comfort (and not useless luxury) to all upon our planet; its expression in forms of right living, if motivated by right human relations, will produce beauty, warmth, colour, the abolition of the present forms of disease, the withdrawal of mankind from all activities which involve living or working underground, and will bring to an end all human slavery, all need to work or fight for possessions and things, and will render possible a state of life which will leave man free to pursue the higher aims of the Spirit. The prostituting of life to the task of providing the bare necessities or to [499] making it possible for a few rich and privileged people to have too much when others have too little, will come to an end; men everywhere can now be released into a state of life which will give them leisure and time to follow spiritual objectives, to realise richer cultural life, and to attain a broader mental perspective.

But, my brothers, men will fight to prevent this; the reactionary groups in every country will neither recognise the need for, nor desire this new world order which the liberation of cosmic energy (even on this initial tiny scale) can make possible; the vested interests, the big cartels, trusts and monopolies that controlled the past few decades, preceding this world war, will mobilise their resources and fight to the death to prevent the extinction of their sources of income; they will not permit, if they can help it, the passing of the control of this illimitable power into the hands of the masses, to whom it rightly belongs. The selfish interests among the big stockholders, the banking firms and the wealthy organised churches will oppose all change, except in so far as it will benefit them and bring more financial gain to their coffers.

Signs of this opposition can already be seen in the utterances of certain powerful men who are today encouraging a gloomy outlook in London and in Washington and elsewhere; the Vatican, that wealthy and reactionary ecclesiastical organisation, has already expressed its disfavour, because that Church knows—as do all the vested and monied interests—that their days are numbered, provided humanity governs its decisions during the next fifty years by the idea of the greatest good to the greatest number. World decisions must therefore, in the future, be based upon a steady determination to further right human relations and to prevent selfish control, financial or ecclesiastical, by any group of men, anywhere, in any country. We believe the determination of Great Britain, the United States, and Canada, who are in possession of the secrets, is along these lines.

These few suggestions will give you much food for thought and real ground for happy, confident, forward thinking. [500] Organise now for the goodwill work. The future of the world lies in the hands of the men of goodwill and in those who have unselfish purpose everywhere. This release of energy will eventually make money, as we know it, of no moment whatsoever; money has proved itself (owing to man's limitations) a producer of evil and the sower of dissension and discontent in the world. This new released energy can prove itself a "saving force" for all mankind, releasing from poverty, ugliness, degradation, slavery and despair; it will destroy the great monopolies, take the curse out of labour, and open the door into that golden age for which all men wait. It will level all the artificial layers of modern society and liberate men from the constant anxiety and gruelling toil which have been responsible for so much disease and death. When these new and better conditions are established, then men will be free to live and move in beauty and to seek the "Lighted Way."