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4. The Grades and Classes.

We have, in an earlier letter, touched upon the curriculum of the preparatory schools and have seen that that curriculum deals much with the development of lower [325] mind, with the laying of the foundations upon which to build the later work, and with the formulation, the study, and the memorising of the theories and occult laws upon which the true occultist will later base his practical work.  We saw also that much that was taught was necessarily closely allied with the exoteric teaching of the world, and necessitated the school being in close touch with the centres of modern thought.  Today I seek to point out certain things that will be seen in the scheme of the student's work and to show the method whereby he is gradually led on until he is fit to pass on into the more advanced college.  We will as usual divide our subject into three heads:—

a. The times of study.

b. The types of work.

c. The transformation of potential faculty into active powers through practice.

a. The times of study.

All the work of the school will be based upon an occult knowledge of times and seasons, and two things will be carefully adhered to:—l. The school year will be divided into two halves, one half wherein the pupils are strenuously acquiring knowledge, that period being that in which the sun moves northward or the earlier half of the year, and a second half—separated from the earlier by an interval of six weeks—wherein he assimilates and puts into practice that which earlier was imparted.  During the earlier months of the year he goes through a drastic system of reception, of learning, of hard study, of accumulation of facts and of concrete knowledge.  He attends lectures, he wades through many books, he studies in the laboratory, and with the aid of the microscope and of the [326] telescope he widens the range of his vision, and builds into his mental body a vast store of scientific data.

During the six weeks' vacation he is recommended to rest entirely from all mental effort save that associated with the practice of the imparted occult meditation.  He mentally follows the cycle and goes into pralaya temporarily.  At the end of six weeks he returns to his work with the object in view of systematising the mass of information, of perfecting his comprehension of the facts earlier studied, of practicing that part of the occult lore permissible, with the object in view of becoming proficient and to discover his weak points.  He writes during the "dark period" of the year the themes and essays, the books and pamphlets that will embody the product of the assimilated information.  The best of these books will be published yearly by the college, for the use of the public.  In this way he serves his time and generation and educates the race in the higher knowledge.  2. In exactly the same way his studies each month will be so arranged that the harder part (dealing with the higher mind) will be undertaken during the part of the month which is called the bright half, whilst the work of the dark half will be more given over to the things concerning lower mind and to an effort to hold the gain of the earlier weeks.  Each day will be likewise divided into set times, the earlier hours being those in which the more abstract and occult data will be given, the latter part of the day being given over to a more practical type of work.

The basis of all occult growth is meditation, or those periods of silent gestation in which the soul grows in the silence.  Therefore, during the day there will be for every pupil in the school three periods of meditation—at sunrise, at midday, and at sunset.  During the earlier part of the pupil's attendance at the school these periods will be for [327] thirty minutes each.  Later he will give one hour to the practice of occult meditation three times a day and during his final year he will be expected to give five hours a day to meditation.  When he can do this and get results he will be able to pass on into the advanced school.  It is the great test and mark of readiness.

The hours of the school will begin with sunrise and end with sunset.  After the sun sets, and for one hour after each of the other two periods of meditation, the pupil is permitted to relax, take his meals and recreate himself.  All pupils will be required to retire to rest at night by ten o 'clock, after thirty minutes of careful revision of the day's work and the filling in of certain charts that go to the completion of his record.

The length of a pupil's stay in the school depends entirely upon the progress made, the inner powers of assimilation and the outer life of service.  It depends therefore upon the point in evolution at which he enters the school.  Those just entering the Path of Probation will be there for five to seven years and on occasion even longer; those who are old disciples and those who have taken initiation in earlier lives will be there but a brief time, pushing rapidly through the curriculum and simply learning to produce for use the knowledge earlier stored.  The period of their stay will be anywhere from one to five years, usually about three.  Their innate knowledge will be developed by encouraging them to teach the younger brethren.  A pupil passes out of the school, not as a result of an exoteric examination but simply on the notification of the Head of the School, who bases his decision upon esoteric results in the bodies of the pupil, upon the clarity of his auric colours and upon the tone of his life and the key of his vibration.


b. Types of Work.

First and foremost, the practice of meditation as laid down in these letters and as may be apportioned by the Head of the school.  Once or twice a year the initiate Head of the school to which the preparatory school is allied will pass the pupils in review and in conference with the Head of the school will apportion specific meditation adjusted to the pupil's need.  Once a year the Master responsible for both schools will likewise pass them in review and communicate to the Head any necessary adjustments.  (I would here remind you that the relationship of a Master to a disciple is a private one and though He may be in constant touch with His pupil privately, this affects not His official review of the united auras of the school group.)

Secondly, a graded scientific study of the microcosm, including the following subjects, using the microscope when needed:—

The Microcosm.

a. Elementary anatomy, physiology, biology.

b. Ethnology.

c. Study of the etheric body and its allied subjects of vitality and magnetism.

d. Study of geology; of the vegetable kingdom, or botany; and of the animal kingdom.

e. Study of the history of man and the development of science.

f. Study of the laws of the microcosmic body.

The Macrocosm.

a. Study of the laws of electricity, of fohat, of prana, and of the astral light.


b. Study of astronomy and of astrology.

c. Study of occult cosmogony.

d. Study of the human hierarchy.

e. Study of the deva evolution.

f. Study of the laws of the solar system.

g. Study of telepathy, mental creation, psychometry.

The Mind.

a. The study of the mental plane.

b. The study of the laws of fire.

c. The study of the causal body.

d. The study of the fifth principle.

e. The study of colour and of sound.


a. The study of spirit-matter-mind.

b. Study of numbers and of symbology.

c. Study of higher mathematics.

d. Study of the laws of union.

e. Study of the laws of sex.

Psychic Development.

a. Study of practical occultism.

b. Study of psychism.

c. Study of the astral light and the akashic records.

d. Study of mediumship and inspiration.

e. Study of past lives.

f. Study of the macrocosmic and microcosmic centres.

Practical Work.

a. Service to the race.

b. Study of group work.

c. Review work.


d. Work on the subtler bodies with the view to producing continuity of consciousness.

e. Study of magic.

f. Study of the seventh ray.

You will see for yourself that when the pupil has completed the above curriculum he will be a potential magician, and will be a member of the Brotherhood of Light in embryo.  He will be equipped and ready to pass into the advanced school, where he will be trained in using the knowledge already acquired, where his centres will be scientifically developed so that he will become a conscious psychic of the mental type, where he will be trained to contact and control the lesser evolutions and to co-operate with the other evolutions such as the deva, and where all his bodies will be so aligned and adjusted that he can at the end of a period—varying from two to three years—be ready to stand before the Initiator.

c. Potencies becoming powers.

This third type of work is based on the preceding curriculum and deals directly with individual development.  It covers the following matters:—

a. The aligning of the bodies with a view to egoic contact.

b. The building of the antahkarana, and the development of the higher mind.

c. The development of the intuition, and the definite spiritual awakening of the pupil.

d. The study of the pupil's vibration, ray, color and tone.

e. The conscious refining of all the bodies beginning with the physical.


When these matters are duly studied and all acquired knowledge put into practice, the inherent powers of the soul will become conscious powers.  Above all, will the emphasis be laid upon the fact that the white magician is he who utilises all power and knowledge in the service of the race.  His inner development must be expressed in terms of service before he is permitted to pass on into the advanced school.

I have indicated enough to provide much room for interested speculation.